Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Yahd Wurk

We have been busy in the yard lately and in doing so, we have been talking as if we ah from Selmuh. Or maybe like Yankees, I tend to sound like Katherine Hepburn at times.  We are in for tea at the moment and have agreed to break for an hour instead of a few minutes.  It's getting hot, so logic says to wait until it's even hotter to go back out. hahaha

The kids are so fun, Chan and Ben team up so well and Jake has applications out in three states, so he's practicing work ethic.  Today I gave him a list of things to find for our project and he spent half an hour looking for the last 2 items and came back and found them in a bucket on the porch where I asked him to look first thing.  He listed off all the places he'd looked and I said he had done a really good job of appearing very busy.  He said he was prepping for a real job.  I told him even Prince had to do his stint at the Five and Dime and reminisced about the time he (Prince) was busy doin somethin close to nothin, but different than the day before.  Jake said he was taking mental notes.

I went on to sing the 'raspberry beret' chorus (using the shovel handle for a microphone) and Ben yelled, "That's the Fred's Miracle Bread song!" Apparently it's a song about toast and not teens with crappy jobs and scanty clothes! I put Purple Rain in the queue, time to educate these kids.  I added both sequels, too. hehehehe

Here is a tiny collection things you should know about Prince.  His name is actually Prince.  He will be 57 this June 7th, he wrote the song Nothing Compares 2 U that Sinead O'Conner made famous.  He's 5'2.

We are working in the yard this week to accomplish 2 things-making the gate easier to get in and out of by replacing and extending the blocks we walk on to keep out of the mud that we made by walking on the grass and killing it (it was decided that was easier than moving the gate to match the sidewalk better) and adding more rabbit fencing to the field fence to keep one Miss Jellybean (a.k.a. Nia) from going on unauthorized jaunts.  A tighter yard will make me feel about 100% better, I worry about that so much, it's insane we have not done it already.  Just coming home with the fencing last night, I felt this little knot of tension slip loose and slide off.

We are in for the day!  8 large pavers in place in the front and all the rocks we were using have been moved to the outside edges to expand that spot and 100 feet of new fencing up.  More work waiting for Saturday, but it's a great start!

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