Saturday, July 18, 2015


I have had an amazing run of minor good luck and I don't want to gloat, but I do want to put my gratitude out into the world.  First, I did not need bifocals!  in 2011, he said next time I came in I would have to get them and so I did not go back for 4 years.  hahaha.  My prescription is unchanged, though I did get new glasses since they are covered every year.  They should have given me 4 pairs! hahaha.

I have a project I am working on and every snag I have had, I have been presented with the best possible solution-not just a good one, but the best.  I needed to get a few items and found most on eBay for well under my budget.  I have found a mentor, help when I needed it, information from the most bizarre of sources and inspiration to keep plugging away from all sectors so far.

My weight is sliding off.  5 pounds in the last 2 weeks, I am sticking to my exercise plan so well that I am surprising myself.  I usually slack via boredom if nothing else, but I wake up on pins and needles needing to get moving.  Sometimes at 3 a.m., but that's the way it goes with cyclothymia. I need to be more fit, so I am working at it.  I feel so grown up.  hahaha

Matt's raise went through.  Not in the 'it's on the paycheck' way, but it's been signed off on.  It was...not the amount I was hoping.  His concession is that he will be given the next PM slot that opens up and the bigger raise that goes with the promotion.  We will see. I have heard that one before.  There is another department talking to him, so who knows.  Something will happen.  Or it won't.

Ben and Chan were off most of the week, hanging out at the lake doing things that I am glad I found out about only after the fact.  Swinging off bridges, jumping off cliffs, being dragged behind a boat. All the stuff that makes for great kid memories and grey haired moms.  I hate that Jake had to miss out, I know his heart has been aching and I wish some of my recent luck would rub off on him.   If anyone needs to catch a break around here, it's The Boy.

Matt is playing in a new band.  Sadly, they already have drums in their practice space, so he does not need to move his out of the living room.  They start rehearsal tomorrow!  Speaking of music, I found my ocarina digging around today and was thrilled, but Ben heard me toot it maybe 2 times and swooped in, washed it and made off with it.  That's the keyboard, Jake's violin, Chan's mandolin, occasionally her uke, the drums for hours a day and now my tiny flute.  And Also Cornbread, of course.  He's NOISY for a kid who says 10 words a day.  He keeps asking for a 7/8 guitar and/or a cigar box guitar. I need to make that happen.

In the not-so-lucky arena, the chicken houses have ribs already.  Well, one anyway.  It's framed and waiting for piles of poop to accumulate so they can push it out into the fresh air and kill me with stink.  I am obsessed with the whole thing, they are building down in a pit, one rainy winter and every chicken out there will be drowned. AND the guy overseeing the building project is wearing a hoodie. It was 103 heat index by 8 a.m! I was at the track and about melted before I even hit 3 miles, drove home, slowed down to check things out a bit and BAM.  Dude's in a hoodie.  At least the new neighbors have gone quiet.  We thought they had moved out!

Quiet week here at the castle.  Grateful for no drama, hoping for a little more happy excitement soon.

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