Monday, July 6, 2015

The Drums Return

Matt was rehearsing with a group of buddies and until schedules ripped the venture apart, for nearly a year there were no drums in the house.  The walk-in closet was walk-inable.

They returned over the long weekend and since then, Ben or Chan have been banging away on them, though to spare the gerbils their panic attacks, there are neoprene pads to muffle the volume.  Small animals drum to signal danger, but Chan's gerbs are so chill, I don't think they care something in the next room is warning of danger.  That's way in the other room, yo.

Since they returned home and took up real estate, I decided to wander through this morning while Ben and Chan were playing.  Then Ben skulked off to his room with Also Cornbread.  So I shot that, too.  I went for drama because-no photos for weeks.  It was time for me to play a bit as well.


In other news, not much going on.  We have our vacation plan in place, which is to say my activity coordinator Katy has booked a house for us this fall.  I am looking forward to that quite a bit!  Between now and then, I have a few closer trips lined up.  I spent a few days REEEEEEEALLY thinking about hiking the JMT with a total stranger the whole month of August because she has a permit with an open slot. They are REALLY hard to get. In the end, reality hit and the cost factor was too great.  I don't have the gear to hike in the High Sierras for a month, or have a support system in place here.  My 25 year old backpack and $50 boots will just have to kick it local a while longer.

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