Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fashion Show!

The girls were asked to be in the Aveda Breast Cancer Awareness fashion show on Friday. A chance to dress in costume, get their hair done crazy, wear scary shoes and have someone do their makeup?  Yes please!  This year the theme was Alice in Wonderland, the Tim Burton version.

Every show has a basic theme and the designers then have something to narrow their focus on, and wild variations on the theme are allowed, even encouraged.  Some go traditional, some go goth, some go super pretty, some show more skin.  It's a great way for the students to collaborate and plan, then go right into the practical side of dealing with a model whose hair won't do that thing or realizing 10 minutes before lineup that no one thought about shoes and the whole time working to deadlines.

Each model has a team to choose and design wardrobe, then hair, then makeup.  This show was a little different, the girls all wore high-end clothing and foo-foo jewelry that arrived moments before the show and was whisked away moments after.  Rho's shoes and tights alone hit the $500 mark.  Eep.  It was not the usual funky and fun piecemeal costumes with bits from here and there. Or at least the bits were not the usual recycled and upcycled fare.  It was still fun!

Chandler is giddy that traffic held us up and we arrived a full 25 minutes late.  ACK

Gina and I dropped the girls once they found where they needed to be and ran across to Earth Fare to get them some food.  They ate approximately 7 bites before the show.  I ended up putting it back in the van.

The waiting is the hardest part.

As with every show, almost as soon as progress is made on hair, it's time to stop and do the walk-through.
The students line up to watch their 'baby' and chatter about details and what's left to finish up before final line-up, which is 90 minutes away.

Since the girls are not going through with the student's models, they get to watch the whole thing, then Rho is whisked away for hair.  I lost Phoenix-I could see where they were working on hair through some glass, but could not find a door!  So I stuck with Rho for a bit, then found Chan again.

Hair's done, time for makeup!

Mad Hatter

what are friends for?

Makeup done, time to play with the camera until Pheonix popped in from parts unknown to join us.

You have to shove Phoenix out from in front of the lens when your shutter finger starts getting tired.
That's not a complaint.

These two were after the show when Phoen and Rho put flowers in Chan's hair.

Time for the show!
I was in the balcony again and Aveda does not light for cameras of my caliber, so I shot what I could.
There were around 40 models, I did not shoot them all.

After the show!

Cookies.  It's what's for dinner.

Afterward, we went to Waffle House and the girls snarfed Earth Fare snacks the whole way there.
Waffles, eggs, hashbrowns and a grilled cheese sandwich, lots of coffee for the coffee drinkers and Chan and I had our sodas topped with vanilla the way we like.  Perfect end to the day!

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