Saturday, October 24, 2015


Forgot to publish this!

It's been an odd month, very dry despite the beginning being endless cloudy days.  There's a wildfire at Bankhead, the whole Forest is closed.  It started at the Big Tree.  After evacuating hikers all weekend, forest service then put out no less than a dozen unattended campfires.  The dumbassery is astounding.

It's already more than halfway through the month and we have not been overrun by ladybugs.

Last week, in an effort to be more social, we went with the Huntsville Teen Scene to Chuck E Cheese's.  None of the other moms talked to me.  And none of the kids interacted with my kids at all, though two of them fought like toddlers with each other and had to leave.

Despite it being a bust for meeting any new folk, it was still fun to go, we have not been in 5 or 6 years at least.  This Chuck's was different, it had very few skill games, it was mostly luck.

We do love the photo ID maker!

We combined our tickets for an even 600!  Chan was chosen to spend them, she got 4 silly straws, a bag of cotton candy and 2 manta rays.

Counting their bounty!

That evening, we stripped most of the horrid pink (sorry, I didn't like it!!) and I dyed Chan's hair blue and turquoise.

I love it!

Over the weekend, we tried to go to the Horrorfest at the drive in, but even arriving an hour early, it was PACKED.  So we came home and stayed up until 3 watching scary movies.  We gave Phoenix a Babadook Dook Dook complex.  hehehe

On Sunday we played Asian, making sushi and bubble tea.

Jake can't figure why the hell he put mustard in his sushi.  Neither can I.

On Monday, Jake went in for a final interview and they go confused and started training him on truck driving.  So they sent him home and told him to come back Tuesday.  As he was not being hired to drive a truck.

He worked a full week, so I guess after all that stressing-he suddenly has a job.  It's from 4:15 to 8:30 in the morning, so it's like nothing has changed-he's still home in bed and sleeping half the day while everyone else is up.  hahaha

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