Monday, February 1, 2016

5/52 and 5.5/52

My mileage for the year so far is 67 miles.  Not great, but not bad for winter!  I need 83.3 miles a month to get 1000 for the year.  I'll make it up.  That's just 20 a week!

First, after dance on Thursday, I went to visit an old friend.  Yes, Matt's Kia is STILL in the shop.
We paid $2k LESS for the whole car than what the insurance company is paying to have it repaired.

They keep finding new issues, which scares us both, I wish now they had just totaled it.  The latest was that both tie rods on the front end were mangled, probably from the tow truck cranking it down onto the bed.

They said it would be ready this week, but they said it would be ready December 30, then every week after that.  So we are not making any homecoming party plans.

We planned a backpacking trip (well, 5 miles anyway) this weekend and Melanie wasn't able to go, so Matt and I opted to stay home because Ben had been wanting to work on the campsite.  We all agreed to do that Sunday.

Saturday was a Gift Day, what we call it when the winter fades to the background and warm breezes, bright blue skies and bird song fill the world instead.  We heard frogs!  There were bees, a snake, a few dandelions and everywhere-the tips of daffodils.
There I am at the midway.
We used our Belle Chevre groupon and had delicious sandwiches, bottled drinks and came home with goat cheese spread.  YUM.
The store hours are cut back and so is the menu and stock inside.  I am hoping that's a winter thing and not a sign the venture is failing.

Finally hauled my favorite pants out of the dresser because Tenacious tape makes tattoos, shaped fabric tape bits you can put over holes.  I have a maple leaf on my knee, a tent on my shin and a star on my butt.  My poor pants went through it, a campfire I attended was extra spitty and there were 4 holes in my beloved pants!

9 miles in, I do selfies to look at later to see if I am doing okay.

We walked the sun down, we took something like 5 hours to do the 13 miles.  Matt picked up 16 geocaches along the route, we saw 20 horses, 2 bikers, some people walking dogs, a dog on her own, a dog that was the size of a Shetland pony and loads of cows.

At the end.  

On Sunday, we headed to the campsite with the plan of making a short list of what we need to do next.  Matt and Ben wanted to go to the north end of the property (and as I feared, they discovered an even prettier bluff with a stream) and I brought hammocks to hang.  I guess we could always make the trail keep going to the new bluff...

Coyote poop EVERYWHERE along the path.

Nia and Murphy were off at the old campsite at the edge of the pasture, barking like lunatics.  It was this screaming bark and panicked/excited.  I kept calling and nothing.  So I sent Kuma to get them and HE started barking.  Then Jess ambled in and SHE started in.  WTF?  I got to the edge of the woods and something-it really could have been anything- squirrel, coyote, deer- FLEW up the far hill.  The dogs were insane and went right after it, crashing through like 4 bulldozers.

They lost it about 45 seconds into the chase.  While the other 3 circled looking for it, Nia came to the creek and washed herself head to toe over and over.  I worried it was a skunk!  But no, we would have smelled that PDQ.  She shoved her face under and held it there, her nose was beet red I did not know a dog with a brown nose could GET a red nose.

Chan and I kept a fire going for a couple hours, burning off some of the loads of fallen limbs and debris.  The guys came back and we all hung out in hammocks a while.

The real reason you should always set up your hammock just off the ground.  So small dogs can still get lovins.

my view is okay!

We stayed until the fire was nothing but ash, then stirred the ash and poured water on any hot spots.  It was all cool when we left, headed to town for dinner and groceries!
Look at all that bramble beyond the area we cleared.  We will be at this for weeks.

I am opting to hurry spring by wearing sandals.  hahahaha.

We failed at actual groceries, but I did get jerky and a kitchen scale.  So, not a total failure.  hahaha

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