Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lists! and 24/52

Today I was supposed to be off hiking, but Karen has a foot issue-that's 3 now.  Friends with mangled feet/ankles.  This month!

So I am home instead getting a jump on planning for a camping trip in May.  So far, I have laundry pellets, which is what I call detergent in tablet form, and toothpaste on my shopping list.

That's good enough. No need to overprepare.

I have not updated in a while, and since I use this blog much like a diary, I don't like to go toooo long between posts or it leaves gaps when I look back later on.  And I have no idea what I was doing.  The whole 'where were you the night of the 5th?' gives me hives.  And people that can answer-so suspicious!!  They have a manufactured alibi!  No one knows that.  Also, that book I read something like 2-3 years ago where the cops did not suspect the mother of foul play because she kept the space behind the toilet clean.  That haunts me.

got behind these guys the other day, we tried to go see the cranes take off several times this past winter, but never did make it.  They call it off due to weather at the last minute or, if the weather clears, they will leave out ahead of plan.  They take off at sunrise, so it's hard to get up and get 2 hours away with no notice!

Sunday, I managed to get Matt and Ben and Chan to go on a walk with me.

We walked past the bridges and then backtracked to add more mileage.

seed pods floating in the sky, as high as we could see.

Buttercup is highly toxic.  It can blister the skin if picked and causes internal bleeding if eaten.
Affects livestock, dogs and humans.


On Monday, we went to B'ham and did the Golden Flake tour
Afterward, we went for a picnic, but the kids were really...not into hanging out.
So we left after half an hour and made a quick thrift store stop to get shorts for Ben.  He is HARD to fit.

Chan took this one.

My thrift store find!

I have lined up several field trips for next fall.  I will be infinitely glad to be DONE with field trip planning.  Like, so glad that I may never take more than one person with me ever ever again. hahahaha!!  Can you imagine?  "I am going hiking. Only ONE person can be there at the same time. Please draw lots to see who it has to be.  If it is you, dress according to the weather and don't try to fake sick."  At least with just one person, they can't bail because of a puking kid.  If homeschoolers threw up as often as their moms claim they throw up, we'd be put in tents and poked by the CDC.  It really IS an epidemic!  hahahaha!  Or heck, breaking feet among hikers.  I have been having sympathy pangs all day.  A friend's photo of her foot with THREE broken bones keeps popping up making me queasy.  Oh, I don't ever want to be without my good sturdy self again.

So, that's all the news.  Same old, same old around here.  Oh, the neighbor has started shooting guns ALL DAY LONG, 7 shots at a time for hours on end.  You think it's done, start to relax and BLAM BLAM BLAM. It's his new thing when the chickens are not here. (because the noise would scare them and cause a stampede, which sounds hilarious, but not for the chickens on the bottom) I swear, the man thinks he is the only person on the planet.  Ugh, there it goes again.  Like I said, same old, same old.  Penis trumps brain, common sense and common courtesy in a southerner once again!