Thursday, August 4, 2016

42 and beyond

The answer to life, the Universe and everything.

My birthday coincides with that of Harry Potter, a fictional boy who is far more popular than I will ever be.  This cracks me up.  It's also World Ranger Day, which is awesome because I truly appreciate rangers.

I have very few plans for this year, I am on track to finish my new year goals of 52 hikes, 1000 miles of walking and camping out 30 nights.  I don't have any big travel plans, beyond our usual fall trip which is only taking 3 of us and only 4 days.  Chandler and Jake will both be at work. Things, they are a-changing.

We didn't do much for the Big Day, it's sort of ceased being a thing, but I feel like 42 may be the last birthday to celebrate at all, and that only thanks to Douglas Adams for writing the Hitchhiker series. So, I mention it.

In other news, 'being active' plans are coming along nicely, I have 3 backpacking trips on the calendar as well as a marathon in October, of which, I am only shooting for the 12 mile option.  And walking it.  I am not anything close to ready to run half a mile, never mind 24 half a miles!  The other day I was running on the treadmill and thought, "This is awesome!  I don't think I have ever gone this long!"  I looked at the clock,  39 seconds.  Hrm.  I keep hoping it was a glitch, but really I think time slows down on the treadmill and 39 seconds takes roughly 11 minutes.  But, it's just as likely that 39 seconds is the record to beat.

We mowed and did home-type stuff (but oddly no laundry or vacuuming) for a couple days and yesterday, went swimming.  The boys did some synchronized...something.

Then Ben did the classic 'knock your sister over' manatee manouver

His hair is borderline insane

Emma's hair refuses to mermaid but is dramatic nonetheless

Have our initial dates set for the JMT, which I won't even post since they will change 9 times and there's still the permit to get my hands on.  So it could even change years.  :(  But, there's still the goal of being ready.  Which I am not.

I have a friend who is, out of the blue, wanting to walk the first 200 miles of the AT.  In March.  I told her, "You have fun, take loads of pics!"  because, no.  Cold AND crowds and not enough ground cover to hide my shiny hiney is like a trifecta of uh-uh.  Plus, the people who start the AT and drop out during that period are almost all total idiots.  So unprepared crowds at that.  The lack of LNT principles alone would give me hives.

I am hating this heat and am ready to be outside walking up something or seeing a view.  We have been doing 3 miles nearly every night, Matt's phone keeps dying because...Pokémon Go.  So they are not all tracked, but they are happening.  To get the e to have an accent, hold down alt and type 130 on the number pad. I know this because I once knew this mom who insisted I use the accented é in her name in the club newsletter,

Heard yesterday that your brain can't tell the difference between excitement and stress, that how you perceive the situation is all stress really is.  But stress can kill.  So...if the same chemicals are coursing through your systems whether you are excited or stressed means...happiness kills just as fast.  That was a little depressing.   Moral of the story-stay calm.  Which is the same as Don't Panic. Which is a good way to end a blog about 42.

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