Friday, August 19, 2016

Outta Here

Chan did not get the job, though it's possible another will pop up soon, we have decided to A) wait until after the sea lab trip before she applies for anything else and B) finally get around to Part 2 of the Summer o'Fun Plan that got hotted out.  Good grief, it's either been 110 or storming or both ALL DANG SUMMER.  I was so worried she'd get hired and we'd miss the chance.

We only had one actual idea for a trip, so we are doing that and dragging Ben along.  I set up AirBnB stops for couple night to ensure showers, laundry and recharging batteries could happen.  And to have a local contact because knowing a number of a real person in the area is a deterrent to serial killers, check engine lights and other people driving badly.  Plus, at $30 a night, it's nearly as cheap as camping but without the whole 'food storage safety' issue.  Bears.  And I read that if we hike near prairie dogs to use DEET.  ack.  I read that in some places, they carry the plague! I can't help it, I still want some for the yard.

We head out Monday, I have bins of snacks and bins of camping gear and a basic idea of clothing options.  I had 2 separate swimmy stomach panic things that hit so hard I had to sit a while.  I have no idea why I get so worked up.  I love to travel, I just don't want to actually leave home.  By the time Matt got home, I was irritable and so he hauled me to the track.  We got nearly 5 miles before I wound down.  Now it's midnight and I am back around to worked up.  And hungry, though I don't dare eat this late.  I've been SO good lately.  Eating carefully, walking at least 3 miles a day 5 times a week.  Boring, but I grow weary of feeling sluggy.  Eat less, move more.  Pretty much the only way to improve in that area.

Met up with friends Monday in Athens, went to Anniston on Tuesday for a field trip, went to Shakalaka Wednesday with a group.  Won't do THAT again, oh man.  It was packed to the rafters. Mowed, walked, vacuumed the whole house, fed the cats.  Wonder has shown up after 4 months of being gone.  She's in surprisingly good shape, I suspect...second home!  She was bright white and clean, trim but muscled and not at all scrawny.  Teeth look great, gums are pink and her tummy had no tender spots.  Eyes were clear, feet in great shape.  I thought she'd been killed by the dogs across the road.  She's disappeared again, I guess Cat Chow isn't her thing.

Anyway, that's the happs, I will post pics later as I have taken many and they are still on the camera. I used to think people who did that were brain damaged.  I still don't let the laundry pile up, though, There is a limit to my madness.

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