Monday, August 8, 2016


I either have a need to sit and write a bit, or else I have had too many B vitamins today.  Sometimes, it's a gamble.  And this isn't my only blog so sometimes it gets messy as well.

This morning I got up to get Chan up and she was up already and showered to boot.  Her interview was at 10.  I said elsewhere it was the first, but she did interview for a job last summer with the park service.  

We arrived on time (yes, she's 18 and can drive but around here, you don't get your license until you get a job and can pay for that insurance JUMP) and in she went.  The only thing I told her ahead of time was to answer verbally, don't nod or say mmmhmmm.

She was in there an hour and 20 minutes.  I sent Matt a message saying I'd had 2 heat strokes and developed 3 ulcers.  He said he was to busy throwing up (from nerves) to reply.

Chandler, and Ben, but Chandler is quiet and calm, there's no jitters or apparent thinking things through until every bit of potential mayhem has been thoroughly mapped.  I recall birthing them both, so I don't think they are adopted, but they are neither one a thing like me. Or Matt.  We both run our mouths and play Worst Case Scenario.

Anyway, out she came, her usual Sphinxy self.  I pried, some.  Sometimes a direct question yields results, sometimes she totally ignores me and hums.  After her whole life so far of this, it's just part of it.  I could get mad, but that's hardly going to help.  It always requires a direct question, there's no just opening up and telling anything and after the question is answered, she offers no more.  Except the occasional nugget like, "I always wanted a Barbie Jeep".

She allowed it 'went fine' and the interviewer used flashcards and told her about an engineer who made an electric skateboard once.  Yes.  That IS all the info I have about it.  Oh, and they made her fill out an application on paper exactly like the online application and she didn't know any of the phone numbers off hand.  I only know the number for my mechanic off the top of my head and she'd be a bad reference.  I don't come in at 3,000 miles for an oil change.  I think 5k is just fine.  My 24 year span of non-burned up engines would back that up.  OMG I am old.

We had lunch at Taziki's because food is the one area Chan has never balked at being perfectly clear on.  Even in her years-long non verbal phase, she would at least point when it came to food.  She had the stuffed grape leaves.

And, that's all I know so far.  On the way home we got boring groceries, which means none of the junk food was for me.  I mowed the front yard and where we park so that when it rains all week and the grass grows 6 inches in 3 days I can narrow my focus to the recently clipped area.  This works well for many things, BTW, not just grass.

Update when I have anything TO update.  It's a data entry position on an aerospace and defense contract with the government.  Which is a little cooler than making burgers and required a shopping spree at the thrift store for office wear.  And which means I can never see even a pic of her cubicle or a blueprint of the building or park anywhere other than directly in front of the guard shack.  But they do pay for college and she can move up the ladder if she does the work and puts in the time. So...fingers crossed.

If she doesn't get it, we are going on a road trip.

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