Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sea Lab 2016 Day One

 We arrived Tuesday afternoon, got moved into our dorm and had dinner.

My single shot of the redone cafeteria

Wednesday, we had breakfast at 7, headed to the boat by 8 and were off to see what we could catch.
Captain Ray scooped some plankton and passed it around in little viewers

And in the bottle!

Our first catch was pretty small, but we did get a ray.  Our instructor, JoAnn, showed it off before sending it back over the side

We looked at all the stuff and the kids tossed fish overboard and mostly out to the gulls...ack

The second haul came in

The birds are waiting...

Lightning Whelk

Mantis shrimp

Brown shrimp

The poor fish are horrified.

My child and his hair.

We were laughing that the wind had extra curled his mustache

After the boat, we had some time before lunch so we went to the Estuarium

The locals call this, the hardhead catfish skull, a 'crucifix fish'

It developed eyeballs!

Lunch was an hour, then off to the Plankton Lab with Jennifer

Everyone broke into teams and made a plankton.  The object was for it to sink as slowly as possible.

The winning team!  Theirs took almost a full minute to sink.

Round one was a misfire, so this team ran back to modify their plankton!

This plankton revolted and lost it's bobber!

Great showing from this team and their creation!

Round two was a big success!

And the adults team did a great job, too.  

It was time to head off to get some plankton of our own

We were at Billy Goat Hole

Back in the lab, the plankton were isolated and placed onto slides.

And...I had to leave to take a call and missed the end.  ha!

Dinner that night, a walk on 'our' beach behind the Sea Lab.
Nearly everyone had returned to the dorms, those of us left watched the moon come up and kept an eye on Rho and Alex who were apparently planning to catch every fish in the inlet!


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