Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sea Lab 2016 Day Two

Day Two we were back with JoAnn for the beach walk and the marsh walk

My child, needing medical assistance.

In the classroom, the kids took a quick test on the ROV class they would have the next day.
The purpose is to see how much they know and how much they learn.
I am not a fan of tests, but it is part of how Sea Lab gets its funding.  If they can prove Alabama students are learning, they can get grants!

We walked 3 miles and picked up 5 pounds of trash!

Gina loves the bus!

We had a field trip on the field trip to see the Dauphin Island Fishing Pier, which has no water under it at all now.

Off to the salt marsh.

We gather gear and head to the bay side where the water is a little more clear!

Everyone takes turns using the seine nets

Elan does not believe he has mud on his face.

We gather to learn more about our finds!

Elan washes off and gives the thumbs up of all clean.

Gina and I were helping get things organized after the class and realized we had time to catch the sunset, we ran to the beach!

We didn't have a common room, so I opened another dorm room for the kids to hang out in

And...the day ends with my other child needing medical attention.

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