Thursday, November 3, 2016


I have been home for 2 days, cleaning, getting laundry caught up, watching Netflix dvd's and working on my svenska lessons.  I am loving Swedish.  Det kanner jag inte ingen.  This know I not again.  I don't recognize this.  I love the way the words are arranged, how they sound, even how close many are to English.  Torstig for thirsty.  That the word for sick is pronounced whook.  A baby is bebis and the word knakebrod is so fun to say.  En sak is 'a thing'.  Daughter is dotter.  Your mother's mother is your mormor.  I know I am only at level 2 and more concepts and alternate words will come into play, but for now, I am really enjoying the simplicity of having often a word-for-word exchange.  I feel good.  Jag mar bra.  Big, green tree.  Stor, gron trad.

Anyway, Monday night we were at Amanda's for Halloween.  Lots of food, a hayride to trick or treat and back at the house, more candy for the kids!  I behaved REALLY well, I am still a little surprised I didn't eat 3000 calories in one night. hahaha!

I did a few photos, the lighting was SO low, they are blurry as heck, but that's mostly my own fault.

What are the odds of two giraffes?  (Whier-raffen)

I caught this guy in a cup!

My van is at the dealership to get recall repairs done, there was a list of about 10 things.  I go pick it up in an hour.  No plans for the rest of this week, but next week looks busy and the week after is Sea Lab!

Mailed in our ballots today, I am SO glad we did their first election from home. It was easier to answer questions and look up info and even show Jake how to fill in a bubble!

There was an option to vote straight Democrat, but there were only 2 democratic options on the ballot.  So it just saved filling in a single bubble.  FYI, voting straight for one party or the other on the AL ballot does NOT cover the presidential vote.  That is a separate thing.

Looking forward to the end of this election mess, this is the most fucked up election in the history of the country and I, honest to God, can not understand how ANYONE with a modicum of intelligence or self respect can see their way clear to voting for Trump.  It's the equivalent of voting for hate.

That's it for the week.  I wish I could say Ben has been hard at work to graduate early, but he's actually been doing CrossFit and can't move his arms.  So we've been doing ice and heating pads and he's been eating vast amounts of beans and rice because somewhere he has read that will help.  hahaha

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