Sunday, March 5, 2017

Duck River Trail

There are now 2 parking areas with trails in both directions, so we still have some walking to do!  We have done about 4 miles in each direction so far, last weekend was our latest trek to knock out the first section we ever walked.  The first time, it was only finished to the bridge, now it's open beyond that.

We were hiking with Amanda and Elan and had only planned 5 miles, so getting in 8 was a surprise!  It seemed to go SO fast!

The trail is mostly this-skirts the lake and undulates a bit.
It crosses a few feeder streams that can be quite pretty when it's rained enough to have them flowing well.

Ben does an interpretive dance called 'Returning the Way We Arrived'

Getting to the bridge is a good turn around spot, there are a few wide flat rocks along the water for a picnic snack and it's pretty!

Headed back!

This is a lovely walk, it's not hard, it can be tailored for any length by just turning around and there's water the whole way, so it's visually pleasing.
I would not get drinking water, even if treated, along this trail just because of so many farms and houses in the area.  I know that's ironic because it's the drinking water reservoir for Cullman!  But I always try my best to avoid potential agriculture runoff.

I am hopeful they will open the lake up for kayaking or even swimming, I love to swim!
Some camping here would be awesome, it's 21 miles, so a backpacking option could be done.  I am looking forward to seeing this project develop.

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