Sunday, March 12, 2017

Walking, Tom Bevil, Snoopers Rock

On Wednesday, I was busy striking at home, but who could tell?
So when Amanda said they were going to the park, I grabbed the kids to join her.
This happened.

We took the 2 mile bike trail through the woods back to the wildflower garden, then the kids went to the playground and we moms walked around the lake a few times.  That night, I walk-ran the track with Matt for another 2 miles.  So, great day!

Thursday, Amanda wanted to hike MORE.  I was in, as usual, and we met up at Guntersville and did the Tom Bevill Trail.  It says it is 3 miles, but my walk tracker app put it at close to 4.

This vine was leaking orange goop.  It was soft, we poked it.

Walking with a 4 year old and an 8 year old was a flashback.  Just needed a 6 year old to round it out.

Poking a dead vole
Because, hike.

The 'far' side of the loop passes through the tornado damaged section with toppled trees lining the trail.
We were here not long after the storms and this part was impassable.

Now, the grass and moss is reclaiming the area!

Dead mole!
What happened?

The trail starts off STEEP for a short bit and then loops the mountain on a gentle trail that goes up and down, but never gets too crazy.

Afterward, we went to the lodge to enjoy the view and played at the playground until the lure of Taco Bell was too much.

Friday-Gina wanted to hike somewhere new.  I had not been to Prentice Cooper near Chattnooga, so we went to hike to Snoopers Rock.
It was a great hike, so pretty and challenging enough to keep the heart rate up but not be punishing.

Indian Rock House

It's astonishing how drastically sloped the river is here, I am amazed it doesn't pool up on the left side...

The last time we were at an overlook together, Gina slid on her belly to the edge.  This time, she just walked out there like a boss.

And nearly fell over.  So glad I could catch this moment for her children.

I will be back to this area, it's gorgeous!

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