Monday, March 20, 2017

More Hiking: Hurricane Creek, Ship Rock, and Cane Creek Canyon

The best way to get into shape to hike is to hike.  So, I have been hiking.
It has helped that Amanda decided this is the year she was going to start hiking more and we've put some decent miles away just in the last couple of weeks.

Last Tuesday, we met up at Hurricane Creek Park, which is now open during daylight hours all week long.  All the tables that were scattered around at the bottom are gone and there's not even a portapotty on site now.
Someone had cleared part of the property above the trail and just tossed the cut trees over into the canyon, so the trail going in was partially blocked.
This place has been here for SO long, I really hate to see indifference be its downfall.

I have discovered with climbs, it just takes as long as it takes.  I have no magic formula for making it easier, though the more I go, the less hard climbs seem to be.  But I don't know that I will ever simply sail up a trail the way distance backpackers sometimes describe.  I do know it's not exhausting these days, but I attribute that to good shoes as much as gained stamina.  If your feet are not in pain, your whole body is more capable. 

The rest of the week, we walked some at the track.  It was COLD, a last gasp of winter.
Friday, Matt was off and we ran errands and the kids stayed over in town for Dakota's birthday.  We hit the Chinese buffet and then went grocery shopping, which was not the best idea.  Nothing in the whole store looked appetizing, we ended up eating wraps all weekend because all we got were tortillas, spinach, turkey, cheese and a single box of cereal.

Saturday we met Amanda at Wren and drove over to hike to Ship Rock.
The day went in these jumps.  An entire hour would pass as we walked or enjoyed the view or played on rocks.  It would feel like it was 20 minutes later and it would be 45 or more.  I have 'lost' time wasting an afternoon piddling around online or watching a movie that wasn't worth it, but rarely has a day outside zipped past like that.

It was warm, very warm, after days of cold.  As we walked back to the parking area, the sun was setting and the cooler night air was stirring and the sun-warmed layer around us was swirled in, the way tea still warm from brewing has hot and cold pockets, after stirring in sugar and ice.  I love those types of days, just love them.  They nourish something deep in me.  Swirly Days.

Amanda has determined to turn Bird into a hiker this year.  I have enjoyed the heck out of having little ones along.  He's not always thrilled to be hiking, I know it can be so boring at that age, but he's trying!
His complaints are so like my inner monologue as we walk.
"WHAT?  ANOTHER HILL!?"  Never mind it's 30 steps and not 500, it's still going up and for what sort of reason?  To go back down again?  WHY?

He doesn't like rocky trails or climbing trails or trails with no water nearby.  He's a mini-me.  He veers off to 'live by this stump', collapses on occasion, is food motivated (from and whiny, "I can't walk ANY more" to a cheery "OKAY!" when asked if a jellybean would help).  And of course, "How long IS this trail!?  FOREVER?"  All things I have thought myself.  I think he'll be a great hiker!  His big sister already is!



My favorite stretch of trail through the hemlocks

The bluebells are getting ready for a showing!

we opted to go through the Eye of the Needle at Ship Rock.

SO cool!

We set up hammocks to have lunch down at the campsite by the water.

Apple and a wrap with ginger cola!

Hemlock shadows

I took lots of photos while I lounged

Found another use for the gear hammock.
He was happy because 'even if I fall out, I'll STILL be in a hammock!'


Trout lily in the setting sun

One-eyed tree monster!


I think it may be a lousewort.  I haven't looked it up yet

On Sunday we went too Cane Creek Canyon
After all the flowers at Bankhead the day before I was worried when we arrived and there were none along the upper trails!

There is a little bit of phlox in on the left side in bloom.  As we headed out, the trout lily had started blooming!

We picked up a spare dog for a while.

Jack in the pulpit


Karen's Falls
This is actually 4 miles one way!  Well, the way we went anyway.

I loved how the sun lit up the ferns!


Fiddlehead ferns


Trout lily lining the trail



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