Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hurricane Creek

Terrifying.  Really.

 I think I will use this one as my Christmas card photo this year!

 The first mile was easy, the second was a long and steep climb up out of the canyon, Ben and I were nearly dead.  I weighed 2 pounds less when I got home and I think it was ALL blood sucked out by the clouds of rabid mosquitoes!

 Ben just fits under the ledge that-according to Jake-nearly took Jake's left eye out.
 Matt in a shaft of light.

These mushrooms make me feel a little smutty for putting them in a blog with pics of my children. 

Jake slid and cracked his ankle and knee and hobbled out to the top.  He seems okay now, but I was a little worried!
In all we did 3 miles with a 300 foot gain and loss of elevation and also 900,000 mosquitoes were out. That was miserable!  I am still glad we got out, the weather is really getting better for outdoor adventures!

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