Sunday, September 30, 2012

Horse Creek Trail

 On Saturday, Matt and I headed out to try out a new-to-us walking trail in Dora, AL, a little over an hour away.  We wanted to check it out for possible biking, but at just 6 miles, we decided to walk it instead.  We have been walking the same trails so much, I wanted something new since we had a whole afternoon open.

At some point in the day, I realized my old friend David lived in Dora and I got in touch with him Saturday night, we talked for an hour and made plans to meet up at the end of the month.  I had not talked with him for over 2 years, yet he had my number jotted down to call on Sunday afternoon.  Great minds! 

 We were menaced by numerous small dogs!  One house had 5 weemies and a...whatever that white dog is who barked and chased us.  They were not quite as bad as a lone small dog who decided ripping out my ankles would be a great way to spend an afternoon and he chased me-always running away as soon as I turned around-for at least 300 yards.  I finally had to bluff-charge him growling and barking myself.  He ran.  When Matt passed him a few minutes later-he had been getting a cache-the dog barked at him about 20 seconds before running off.  I can only assume that means I have tastier-looking ankles.

 The trail itself is older, the surface is cracked and the paint fading.  But it's in good shape, no potholes.  There is a long slope that I think would make riding it on a bike nearly pointless because you could coast at least a mile of the 2.5 mile one-way paved area.

At 78, the trail continues another half-mile or so as an unpaved basically mowed path.  It goes behind some houses, a couple with large barking dogs which does not really make for a peaceful feeling as you stroll along!

There is a steep up-hill connector trail that links the rails to trails path to the local city park.  The park has a small track, maybe 1/10 a mile around.  There are bathrooms, parking, picnic facilities and a playground there as well as access to the city lake which is open to fishing, but nothing else.

The trail goes through wooded and residential areas, past a couple factories and crosses a couple roads.  We only saw 3 bikers and 2 other walkers out, though it was a really nice afternoon.  We did get caught in a brief rain shower and were able to make good use of one of the 5 'rest areas' along the trail, which are small roofed spots with a trash can, short bench and a bike rack.


This is a persimmon.  On the internet, there are SEVERAL photos of quince blooms identified as persimmons.  This gives me mental itching.

Overall, it's a nice trail, I wish we had one that long nearby.  The whole walk was over 6.5 miles and took about 2 hours.  It would be fine if you lived nearby to haul a bike to ride, but I would not haul bikes all the way there for such a short trail unless the kids were little bitties.  For a decent rails to trails ride or walk within 90 minutes of home, Richard Martin still wins my vote.

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