Friday, August 30, 2013

Good News Friday

Honestly, as recently as Thursday at lunch, I thought I was not going to have any good news at all this week. Then 3 good things happened all at once and my outlook was lifted and I saw more good things that had trickled through my week.

Good News!:

The yard is mowed again, and in a twist of fate, the massive amounts of allergy meds I was taking so I could breathe really helped when that nest of fire ants got in my shoes and bit me about 30 different places.  I barely reacted!  I usually get horrid swollen puss-filled lumps that itch for days.

I am going to see one of my favorite people in the Universe sooooon.

South Cumberland State Park is featuring my photos-with full photo credit.  They are working on a mushroom guide using my photos, too.  I am super geeked.  I wanted some way to give back to the park, this is a great start.

A recent conflict has brought me a new sense of friendship.  I feel like I have strengthened a few bonds and that some of the cobwebs that had accumulated, that sense of 'everything will always be the way it is' with regards to friends have been brushed off.

Matt's job has recently REALLY clamped down on our IRA contributions and has started to match them at a higher level, making us have to contribute at a higher level.  At first, with the 0 hour warning that every check will be nearly another $100 shy, I was freaked.  I like to budget and have everything sorted through the end of the year.  Really-they put the notice ON the paycheck.  But now, I am actually glad it's happening, it's just going into savings and they are matching it 100%.  It will make a difference later on.

Ben seems to be better.  After 2+ weeks of coughing and coughing, he's breathing like a normal person again.

In the not-good-news arena, Chan is legitimately sick.  I knew last night when she 'nahed' a sleep over invite with her 2 besties that something was up.  Even if there was a boy-band movie involved.  She does not like movies and I have seen her react ONCE to ONE boy.

So, not a bad week after all, next week will be even better.  Send my girl some ~all better~ vibes, she's the worst at being sick.

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