Friday, February 14, 2014

A Dairy Happy Birthday

Today was supposed to be an actual road trip, but it was chilly and rainy and we opted to postpone the trip, but still had Brit and Emily for the day, so we went back up to Belle Chevre!  We had a cheese plate and a pot of fondue, it was enough for the 4 of us and then some.

Afterward the girls wanted to go to Sugar Creek, so off we went:

After we left the creek, we flipped a coin at each intersection and drove around another hour looking at the houses and farms and occasional donkey and the girls talked non-stop.

We had to head back to get Emily home, so we finally turned South again and stopped at Athens for ice cream and a cookie.  Nestle Tollhouse did NOT need a drive-thru cookie place.  I am glad it's an hour away!

Back at Suzette's, we hung out another hour.  Ben had been there to play with Zachary all day, so they were glad for the extra time to hang out, as were the girls. 

I'd do a Girl Day every single month, just have to get Suzette on board.  That was a blast just driving around and the girls jabbering like crazy about book plots and favorite memories and fun trips and future plans.  I'd like to freeze things sometimes and just let them be girls with nothing more pressing than what to talk about next and hear their endless peals of giggles a little longer.

I know I can't do that, so I hope the future finds them just as close and just as easy together.
Best friends for life.

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