Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's Really Bright Out Because it's SUNday

We got up and headed to Birmingham today to get hair dyed for upcoming events

Chan and I sat and waited while Brit got her hair trimmed.

She checks it out while Chan photobombs
Brit yelled at her.  Talk about DOUBLE STANDARDS.

Chan got her ends bleached and then Brit got her whole head stripped, eep!

Chandler just wanted some purple tips, so she went first.

What we thought at the time would be our only shot of blonde Britney...

She got 3 colors, a teal, mint and purple pastel layered event.  It took 2 hours and had to sit another hour to set.

Chan's came out the way we expected, dark purple ends, you can't even see them unless the light hits them.

Brit's hair decided to stay blonde-though it looks REALLY cool with the chunks of dye, the roots are all kinds of colors.  Jake said she had cotton candy hair, but it's actually really close to a mermaid hair dye...thing.
She warmed up to it really quickly-it's not at ALL what we set out to get, but like she said, "no one anywhere is going to have THIS hair!"
She can go back in a few weeks and get it done darker, but I think she's pretty happy with it for the time being.  It's a HUGE change, I am still alarmed when I see her.  hahaha!

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