Saturday, February 22, 2014

Show Week

One week from right now, the show will be over.  The last week is like a rollercoaster with a LOT of 'hurry up and wait' built in.  The kids get closer with their fellow actors, the directors go a little loopy (or a LOT loopy, we have had it go both ways) and the last little bits fall into place.

This has been the first play I have not waffled about a half dozen times.  In the past, I have been so sure it was going to be horrible to have everything work out just fine and the production be better than I ever hoped.  And I have thought it was going to be awesome and ended up counting the hours until I could collect my kids and burn their scripts to expedite the cleansing process.

From the minute I saw Emily dancing, I knew THIS was going to be a good play.  They had a music director in at the start and she grouped the kids by voice and WOW, what a difference.  Kind of like in Sister Act, hahaha!

The person doing head shots this time around rocks.  Yeah, it's me.  But, I rock.  If there is ONE thing I can do, it is aim a camera, so I was glad when the director asked me to take care of it.  I am also doing production shots during the performance.  And make-up.  Oh, and bathroom duty in the girls dressing room. I actually volunteered for that one, they were gross today after the high schoolers used them for their play.  I don't want that level of ick again, so my plan is to wipe them after each show and dump the trash.

I dread Wednesday.  Out of the whole thing, THAT will be the worst.  We have to leave the house by 6 and that's with both boys done with their make-up-minor but necessary and a PITA at that time of day.  Get there at 6:30 and start on Chan's make-up then at 7, start on Britney.  There's a play at 8, 10 and 12.  And it's a fasting day.  We will be home around 3 and not have to be back at the theater until 'opening night' which is crazy talk for 'the 5th performance with an audience'.

 I found these in the camera today, they are shots Chan took after the snow last week!
Down in the orchard

The house from the cedar tree.  No, we have not finished painting the side!  

After we finished with a VERY fast paced 2 hours of wood cutting this morning, I took a few shots while we walked back up to the house.

Veronica flower

Tomorrow is another marathon of wood chopping in the morning and a 4 hour rehearsal in the afternoon.
The chainsaw would not start last weekend and we are trying to get our stash built back up before the next cold snap.  And trying to be able to take off until next Sunday, since Matt works Friday and Saturday is another 8+ hour theater day.  Long week ahead!

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