Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rack and Tweak and Shoot

Guess what 2 things happened this week!  If you guessed, "The van went up on a rack and one or more children had their teeth looked at" not ONLY have you been reading this blog BUT you are right!  The 2 most frequent reasons for leaving the house happened IN THE SAME WEEK.

On Tuesday, Chandler went in for her final records appointment and lo and behold a chorus of angels sang because he cleared her from needing oral surgery for now, recheck in 2 years.  When she's EIGHTEEN. Holy crow.  I asked him to look at Jake's teeth too and he's going back in next month to see what can be done about that one tooth...

On Tuesday night, I dropped the van and the chainsaw off and left the keys in the drop box.  The mechanic walked the chainsaw next door to her brother's shop while Nettlevan got some fresh oil and a little safety check and a new o-ring.  He got the chainsaw going again and walked it back over and put it back in the van.  No charge on that and only $40 on the latest AC repair.  woot woot.  A few more breaks like that and we might just break even!

Also between Monday and Tuesday night, I got most of the head shots done for the theater.  Let me just say that while there were a few surprising stunners in the batch, a few of the kids in the play are not attractive. Yet.  It's a phase.  I forget how scary a snaggle-toothed child can be, which is likely super mean of me, but GAH.  I loved mine through that awful time, I don't have to extend that to cover anyone else's kid. Combined with the gappy teeth, kids of that age often 'smile' as if they are being poked in the back-that look of pained shock crossing their faces as the shutter snaps.  Or as if they are in the midst of falling off something, awaiting impact.  I have a list of kids I WILL be retaking photos for, every kid should have a nice head shot to take home.


Tuesday night (are you getting the feeling that everything all week happened on Tuesday and nothing since?) we messed with make-up ideas.  Unlike some other areas of potential creative input that were kiboshed, The Powers That Be are open to make-up ideas.  To a degree.


Matt took this one of me painting our baddie.
See her badass hair?
We tried yellow eyes the first round, but agreed white would be better for the next time.

Emilbastian is SO adorable, she does an amazing job as Head Crab.
Don't be jealous, you can print out a headcrab of your own here.

Tonight is More Theater and tomorrow is Cutting More Wood,
then from Saturday on it's daily theater until the very end.
We have no other plans until after next week, so be prepared to see and hear all about the play for a while.

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