Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gorge-ous Day!

See what I did there with the blog title?

Today we headed out to Pisgah, AL to the 'best kept secret in Alabama' and this time, it about had to be, as I had not heard of it.  Even after living in Ft. Payne for more than a year. Darn locals.

What is at Pisgah is a gorge that goes right down to the Tennessee River over about 7 miles and it's host to 3 waterfalls, 2 of them 50-60 feet high.

We only got to the first 2 today, though Matt and Chan explored on downstream and saw an arch and the third falls.  I had it in mind to explore a bit and then lounge in a hammock and listen to the water flow by.  I got that in spades!

This view is from a platform at the Civitan Park in Pisgah.  You can walk to it in about 90 seconds from your car.

Sassafras tree
See how some of the leaves look like mittens?

We walked on around to the top of the first falls.
There's a dam above the falls making a very small swimming hole.

View over the lip.

Second falls.  It looks a good bit like the first falls!
The walk to get to it is pretty hairy, loads of downed trees that have been 'cleared' by just chainsawing a chunk out.  You have to duck way low in several spots.

We walked around about an hour, looking over the overlooks and following various trails.
I had spotted a small trail leading off to the side and we headed down that to discover it went all the way to the top of the second falls.  I set up camp hammock there, Ben took over one hammock right away, he was tired today.  He's been tired for a week at least.

We did a little exploring and then I stretched out in my big hammock for a bit.  

Jake was sitting on a rock, Ben was in the hammock.  Where did Chan get off to?  Oh!  THERE she is!
She's the tiny black dot in the pool way below the falls.

Just so we would not be horrible parents for letting Chan wash off down to the river,
Matt climbed down to join her

I took a few shots of them playing below the falls, then wandered off.

This is at the top of a 60 foot falls and looking straight out, you can't even see the sky-that's all the wall of the gorge!

Jake and I headed up the creek toward the first falls.

there they are!

Back toward the second falls

By the time we made it back to base, Matt and Chan were climbing back up.  We all had a soak to wash off the mud and sweat and to talk about our little side adventures.  They won, ours was just up the creek a ways, they had to swim to get to what they saw.  I will post a link if Matt ever gets around to sharing their pics.  Score for the waterproof camera, I may never get it back.

My hammock!

Ben woke up

The trail out.
It's a 5 minute walk, nothing to it.

Back home via Guntersville and the lake.  I won't swim in it, but it's sure pretty to look at!

It was a pretty darn good day, explored a new place and got to enjoy just relaxing as well as getting in a good hike.  I liked hanging out in the hammocks by the creek.  Can't wait to head back sometime with some friends and a polarizing filter.  :)

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