Saturday, May 31, 2014

Matt's Week Off

This past week was forced vacation. That's when you get to take your paid vacation days whether you planned to or not.  We had not.  It was not even a sure thing until just a couple weeks before, that place is a rumor mill, we get the head's up at least 3 times a year that such and such week they will shut down.  This was one of the times they actually did it.  Blah

It was a holiday weekend, so we laid low after getting groceries.  Tuesday we needed to go to town for a few things and decided to return a heater we had borrowed from Gina while out.  Chandler had gotten on the ball and sent some cryptic message telling Brit to get her stuff packed.  So as soon as we showed up, she was ready to go home with us!  hahaha.

We ran our remaining errands with her along, it was fun having just one kid, and one with blurple hair at that.  We got more groceries and picked up some pepper and watermelon and cucumber plants and set those out in the garden.  My tomatoes are exploding, I have one little plant with 11 baby tomatoes on it.  Chan thinks we need to tie it to the fence before it falls over.  I think I should have gotten tomato cages!

Wednesday our plans were altered, we were going to the lake to swim and Katy's kids fell like dominoes to a stomach bug that Amanda opted to have no part of.  It ended up raining anyway.  So we rented some movies and made taco salad.

Thursday was a hastily thrown-together gaming day.  I posted about it maybe 2 days ahead.  There was still a good turnout, at least a dozen teens.  They played one round and then talked for 2 hours.  The other moms use game day to do Bible study, so they got busy with that and Matt and I decided to walk around the downtown a while.

The bridge was sporting a small collection of locks.  There is a bridge in Paris where people put a lock on the bridge and then throw the key in the water, signifying endless love.I no doubt have the details wrong, but that's the gist.  I don't think a padlock means the same thing, as there's no key...hahaha

Maybe it's more of a 'I graduated and don't need this any more.  I will put it here.'

The tiny chapel.

Cullman Ice Factory!  I'd love to hang out there some this summer, too bad it's an empty lot!

Chandler, neither gamer nor talker.

Before we left for the afternoon, we spent the morning making sushi, these kind of exploded...hehehe!
Brit did a roll of fruit, cream cheese and rice, my favorite was grilled chicken with avocado, spinach and raspberry.  We also made a couple dozen spring rolls that were INHALED.

On Friday, I got a wild hair to accomplish something, so I rented a steam cleaner and did the carpets.  Oh, UGH how nasty nasty they had gotten!  I was half dead from the heat-the machine was hot, I was using really hot water, the house was hot and humid, I had fans going and still the sweat dripped off my face and ran down my back all afternoon.  I cleaned the living room 3 times end to end with all the furniture piled in other rooms and the kids rooms once.  They were not bad at all, but the high traffic channels in the living room were bad.  There are 4 doors off the room, each has its own trail from the front door plus Nia's bed area and in front of the heavily used wood stove not to mention the site of the puked up rabbit.  I had cleaned that spot several times, but the steam cleaner got the last of the tinge up.  It looks SO nice, it was nearly worth the heat stroke.  I even cleaned both bathrooms and mopped them, the hall and the kitchen.  The whole house feels MUCH cleaner.

Friday night, we went to the drive-in, another last-second plan.  With the weather being rainy and then blazing hot it's hard to plan a darn thing too far ahead.  They were playing X-Men and Godzilla for $15 a carload.  You just can not beat the drive in-that was for 6 people!
We stopped and got Little Caesar's and brought drinks and some snacks from home. We bought nachos there, though. :)

I just had my tablet, I was reading before the show, so I took a few shots.
About the time it got dark, it started raining.  waaaa!
I put my stuff away and the kids climbed in the back of the van and made a big nest.  Matt and I scooted under the open van hatch and I dug around and found some umbrellas to put over our legs.  I still got soaked in spots and then the temps dropped and I was a sodden and chilled mess!  I swapped out my wet blanket for a dry one and was slightly happier.

X Men was great, I am sure diehard fans will have issues, but having read nearly every X Man comic book and watching all the cartoons and of course all the movies, all I can say is Hugh Jackman's butt!  I mean, it was a great movie.  They totally negated the third movie, thank goodness!

Godzilla had issues.  Mainly with scale, in one shot the foot alone was larger than my house in the next his whole body fit in a city street between buildings.  And speaking of that, okay, I walk through the woods ALL the time and while there are trees all over, I don't just smash into them all willy nilly.  Neither do ANY other animals.  But Godzilla not only smashes into every solid object he sees, he also suffers zero damage count.  And the buildings crumble like gingerbread creations, so he has to be smacking them REALLY DAMN HARD.  It seems like he would be nearly dead just from careening off things!!!

Okay, guess I am done.

It was a pretty stinky for a week off, but there are times when just relaxing and being home a while is good, too.

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