Sunday, June 29, 2014


Friday was Matt's birthday and our last day of Staycation!  We got up to watch the sunrise and it was very foggy, so we went right back to sleep.  A couple hours later, we were back up to take care of critters and decided to go swim at the pool.  Chan was our only taker, so the three of us headed out for a couple of hours.

The view from the pool is pretty okay.  The clouds could have been puffier.

I am determined to hick up as much as I can.

After the swim, we had a quick snack and showers and headed to see Captain America with Gina and her kids.  Brit headed back with us for the night and we stopped at Panda Express for early dinner and then on to the music store to get Matt a djembe, the very one he has pined over for months.

We dropped the kids off at the house and headed to pick up a cake for Matt and some candles!

It was a pretty low key and relaxed day, I am hoping to have a cookout here in a couple weeks to do a celebration of both of our birthday's with a few friends.  But this was a great way to celebrate!

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