Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cops on Top II

Last year we did the Cops on Top event for the state of Alabama and had a great day out and about.  We were happy to do it again this year and invited folks to join us.  After some shuffling, we set the photo time for 3 p.m. and headed out with Gina and her kids to meet the group there.

 We got up early and headed home from Huntsville, enjoying our last view of the hills for a while.

Back home we unloaded and got everything put away and checked up on the pets and such.  At noon, Gina pulled up and we headed out a little later after packing some goodies for our picnic!

We arrived at the park without any trouble and headed to the tower.  We were about 20 minutes early, so we had a picnic by the parking area and hung out for a bit just chatting and stretching our legs.  Her car may seat 8, but not with loads of leg room!  I checked to see if I had any missed calls from anyone, but I had no cell service up there.

Around 3:30, we went ahead and did the photo, then they all climbed the tower while I went in the CCC Museum and talked with the guy on staff there for a long time.  They all gathered around the picnic table while I was in the museum and when I headed out, we opted to go over to Bald Rock and have a walk to the overlook.

We did another photo just because.

This is my second favorite trail in the world.  Fiery Gizzard is still tops.


On the way home, we had some trial and error, well, all error, adventures and ended up just getting stuff to make nachos and heading home.  Nachos can fix anything.

Around 9:30, my phone updated and I had missed a call and a text from another family who was running very late and had missed us.  They had a good time anyway, so it all worked out.  Maybe next year we can finally get a crowd for the photo.

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