Thursday, June 26, 2014

What I did on my Staycation

This week, we have been house sitting and pet sitting at Katy's house.
Jake stayed at our house through the weekend, so Nia did not join the party until Monday.
That was a mini ordeal, Mars is a barker!
They worked it out and by Tuesday, it was party and nap and eat for the two of them.

This is the view from the corner of the deck where I like to sit.

Just after I watered everything, it poured rain.  In the sun.  hahaha!

More sun and rain play!

I hung out in the treehouse during the worst of the downpour.

A short break and then more rain!

I wandered around the house and took pictures.

Amanda came up for 12 hours, she had a very early well-check Wednesday morning in town, so opted to stay overnight before.  We sort of slept.

We have been chowing down on the garden goodies all week!  :)

The kids have been playing on the Wii and with Legos and with the Nerf guns and running around outside when it isn't raining too hard.  I thought they might get bored after a few days-especially being at a friend's house with none of their friends!  But they have been keeping busy.

It's Thursday and we have our checklist done for the day, just waiting on Matt to get back and we will have dinner and maybe a walk. We went home this morning to check our own critters and garden.

We head home Saturday morning to meet up with some folks to do Cops on Top and Katy will be home that afternoon, so our Staycation is coming to an end without much of anything happening.  I will take that over drama any day!
Tomorrow is Matt's birthday and his day off, we have planned a couple of things, so maybe there will be a flurry at the end of the week.  I am sure once we get back home we will have more going on than I want to mess with, I am glad to have the down time.  :)

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