Thursday, March 12, 2015

Camping, Spring, Hikes, Doooo-dads!

All of my favorite things on the planet are coming together in one fantastic wave of yahoo.  Camping, with friends, in the warmer weather.  Swimming, hammocking, hiking, canoes, the beach AND the mountains, backpacking, fireflies, photography, wildflowers and of course *insert fanfare* looking at do-dads.  This year is going to be the best one yet.

I have three camping trips and one canoeing trip ON THE CALENDAR so far (as in already booked) and several weekend backpacking trips plans awaiting the perfect weather.  I am giddy.  I have whittled my list down to just a few final items, which is never totally finished as I can always think of more stuff I am sure we will 'need'. Though I can roll my eyes at men who already have a TV and who instantly want a bigger TV, I do understand that itch, I get it looking at 'accessories' in the camping section.  We might need bear bells. We do need flashlights, and check out the machete-surely that's vital! Though I know I won't do any bushwhacking, that 'what if' alarm buzzes.
Really-my worst weakness is in first aid because, I need to think I have things under control.  Band-aids are like crack, I cleaned out the shelves in my bathroom and there were over 200 in there.  *shame*  Then, I nearly immediately bought a box (2 boxes) of sparkle band-aids. And then some with Marvel characters and I use the Hulk ones on wounds I am most pissed about getting. And I am nearly out of Hulks. 

I know he's not a pirate, but it's not like anyone had a pre-made pic of Hulk complaining about burning his finger.  TWICE IN A ROW.  You get the yargh because that is my Hulk noise.

I may have found a solution to my continual browsing and occasionally buying (usually x5) via get cairn dot com. I will update when the box arrives, I sent myself a single month as a gift-though I would love a longer subscription to see a variety and may go for a 3-month stint.  I really like trying out new stuff, I hope this will scratch that itch. Though-like a man and his TV, I will probably be back at the store perusing the newer model anyway.  After all, I probably need to pick up some bandaids.

Beyond the usual yearly stock-up (sunscreen, bug dope, pain meds, moleskin, solar lights (not usually an annual thing but Henry ATE MINE, bulbs and all) and paper products) I made new backpacking cooking pouches which I will blog about later when I actually finish them (it's Matt's fault they are not done yet) and I bought one new thing based on nothing more than seeing it and thinking, 'oooooo' and that was a Luminaid solar lantern.  Go check them out, I got the brighter version, though I kind of covet the newest one with the color changing lights.  I have my ghost lights that do that, so...I went with a regular light-light.  Though I have a birthday this year, so feel free to hook me up, it will be available in April.  hahaha!

Our scheduled trips so far-Florida with friends to swim at the springs, the Smokies with Katy to see the synchronization of the fireflies (I was so super lucky to get a spot!!) camping at the lake with the homeschool group and canoeing a 6 mile stretch of Little River Canyon with JSU.  And that's just the start!  Dayhikes, more backpacking, lounging days with friends and hammocks and creeks-swimming afternoons, stargazing, the drive-in, wading! I LOVE Spring and Summer, bring it on!!

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