Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Spring happens all in one week here, it's icy and bleak and everything is fifty shades of grey without a necktie in sight.  Then, one bud shows up and the next day more and by the end of a week, trees that looked dead are fluffed out like fancy chickens.  Sunday was our first really truly spring-warm day with sun and birds and all that.

We got up and got going, cleaning the house for hours-moving and dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, making small repairs, filling in carpenter bee holes in the new facia boards.  Dang bees!  Shook out all the rugs, washed all the bedding-washed windows, it is so lovely and airy fresh now!

Monday we went to the park to see who was around to play in this sunshine and Gina was the only one who showed up, so we hung out a bit at the wildflower garden and then headed to walk back to Welti Falls.  She had not been and I was happy to go take a peek after all that rain we had.

The girls climbed up to the falls and then STOOD WITH THEIR BACKS TO THE DROP.
This is not what you do when your mother is watching!  Gina and I did some kind of combo 'trying to ignore them while sending out little requests to the Universe to keep them safe and also trying not to panic' sort of thing.  It's just-that's a rocky drop.  Probably would not be unbruised.

Between these two shots, I mis-stepped and managed to somehow twist my weak ankle.  It was wrapped well in sports tape, but it turned the other way this time-toward the arch.  Not as much swelling, a shitload of pain. Probably a torn muscle.  I am back on bed rest for 10 days to 2 weeks, no driving, no weight-bearing, crutches when I need to get anywhere.
I am going to miss ALL of the rest of the early unfolding of spring.  I don't know what to do-it was a slip of 2-3 inches. I am too young to just give up on hiking as too hazardous, but this is the first really uneven trail I have been on in 8 months and I am laid up now.  I am SO angry.  So many plans-all that money and time and research buying the rest of our backpacking kits-I can't even carry a plate of food 20 feet from the kitchen.  Fuck this, I am ANGRY.  Sitting on my ass while it gets even wider and watching the world green up is some kind of cosmic joke or punishment one and you know what, Karma?  FUCK YOU.  I think saddling me with that woman for a mother was enough punishment for one lifetime and really, tissue paper joints is just too far.  Go shit on someone else's life a while, I am done taking it.

The following were taken before the shots above, but blogger has its own plan for arranging things.

Chan got hot and put her face in the water.  I guess it worked, she seemed pleased.

Despite my current situation, I am looking forward to getting out and doing stuff this spring.  I HATE that I am missing the best of it-the earliest growth and the first warm days and the lowest levels of pollen, mosquitoes and poison ivy of the year.  I am holding out that it's 'just' a pulled muscle and if I baby it really well for a few days, it will be good enough to start walking again.

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