Sunday, March 8, 2015

Moss Rock Preserve

We ended up in Birmingham for a LONG day last Saturday while Jake and Chan went to KamiCon for about 13 hours.

We got them dropped off and checked in and headed to get lunch at Jason's Deli and walked around in town a bit. Then decided since the weather was so nice, to get in a hike.  We decided to try Moss Rock again, we went there several years ago when there were only a couple of trails and totally missed the rocks!  By the time we realized there was more to it, we were too tired to explore more.

In the years since our last visit, there are new houses galore and a row of shops, mostly restaurants, along the main entrance between 2 roundabouts.  In the second one, there is a sign directing to park, so we headed up the little hill and parked in the red clay parking area.

We headed off to the left of the parking area toward some rocks and just wandered up the trail a while before deciding to drop down and skirt some of the boulders.  Once through, we could hear the creek quite clearly.

All along the way there were people of all ages (and dogs) climbing rocks and lounging in hammocks, kids running all over and it reminded me of Cherokee Rock Village, but much more tame.  Still plenty of big rocks for big kids, though!

We crossed the little creek on a small wooden bridge, interrupting 2 women who were taking photos of one another with their phones and seemingly posting them immediately.  They were VERY intent and had 3 hats each.  I found it bizarrely amusing, they would snap and then furiously thumb their phones, change hats and do it again,  They seemed a little put out that we wanted to use the 2 foot wide bridge and huffed as they stepped down, which was even more funny to me.  "Let's go take pitchers of each other and post them down at the park where there will be at least 100 other people and only one bridge!"  "OKAY!  And let's stand ON THE BRIDGE!"  "Ooooh, yeah, PERFECT. Which hat should I wear?"  "Oh gosh, I can't decide, just bring 'em all!"  "Whooo!  Great idea, no wonder we are besties!"  LOLZ  ( I'm just jealous.)

Anyway, we followed along by the creek, up and over the little waterfall cliff and there were bunches more people in hammocks all along the way.  I could see this was shaping up to be my kind of place. Ben said we should come back with friends, so I set up a date to do that as soon as we got home.  :)

I did not get many shots as I was suffering from a lingering chest cold and walking up and down the hills was working my poor diminished capacity lungs.  However, I will be back soon and likely get more. (Photos, not lungs)

There was still snow in our yard, 60 miles to the north.

It's a lovely spot, some 10 miles of hiking trails are in place.  I can't wait to go back-with my hammock of course!

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