Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Walk in the Woods

But first, the Kia.
So, he got smacked but he did 2 things I would never have thought of  First, he took his foot off the brake which let the car roll ahead since there was no one in front of him.  This, admittedly, was in preparation to floor it once he saw the guy was not stopping, but it still saved them some whiplash.
Also, he had his wheels straight ahead.  If I had gotten rear ended, it would lead to me being pushed over into oncoming traffic because I would have had my wheels cut to make the turn.  In this situation, that would have ended with Jake taking the full brunt of being T-boned, something that I try not to dwell on.

The rear passenger tire wheel well.

The other side...not so bad!

This is the trunk space from underneath.

Damage to the tire.  We JUST replaced this tire because Matt had gotten something in it on the edge and it could not be patched.  It's the only one that doesn't match!

All of his drum hardware was in the trunk from his $30 plastic case to the $400 bass pedal.
The only things damaged that we know of so far-he still needs to set up the whole thing and see-is that locker above and the high hat stand below.  AMAZING.

We got the call Friday night that they will repair the car and should have it ready by New Year's Eve.
Allstate is covering a rental for the duration, so that's nice!

On Saturday, I got my Cairn Obsidian box in.  I get Cairn ( (use roamschool at gmail for your reference!!) every month already. It's just over $20 a month when you sign up for a whole year and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  

It's seriously that same feeling I used to get at birthday parties when I just KNEW one of the boxes had just the thing I really, really wanted.  I get that EVERY MONTH. And it's always awesome and it's always backpacking/hiking/camping stuff I USE. Granted, I probably won't buy any of the snacks they include because $4 for a snack bar is INSANE, but I have used loads of the coupons for gear. And for things like free Mountain House meals, got new hammock straps for $22 (for the new double hammock in the Obsidian box!) It's been an awesome gift to myself.  Eep
When they offered Obsidian, which is $200 4 times a year, I gave it some thought and that thought was 'I WANT'.   So, I did it.  They gave me back 500 points, which is 2 free monthly boxes! And I was so excited when it arrived, I almost could not open the package. hehehehe  Totally worth it.

This is my new Prana hat, tags still on, that Ben took immediately and I will probably never get back.
I do share the goodies.  On occasion.  haha

I also got a waterproof backpack, a waterproof bluetooth speaker, 7 Picky bars, 3 chocolate bars, a full set of Sierra Sage outdoor products (I use their green goo bug spray and green goo first aid ointment and was STOKED to get more!) that hat and a 2 person Thermarest hammock.  $342 in goodies.

The backpack is awesome, we already came up with a half dozen trips to take with it, but the best thing other than kayaking was that we can take it caving with Park and it will spray clean!  The clay in the caves around Monteagle is STICKY.  I'm already booked on an overnight canoe trip this spring, so I can use it then, too!

Okay.  I guess I have wound down.  Even cooler is that-the regular December Cairn box has not shipped yet, so I still have THAT to look forward to!

Saturday afternoon we had to do some work on the fence because Murphy just leaves on a whim. He will have a new spot he can fit through soon enough, but while the gate was open and we were going in and out working on it, I promised Kuma I would take him out Sunday to the creek.  Because having the back gate open only means one thing and that's running around in the woods time!

8 a.m. Sunday morning, he's barking at the door, then under my window.  I poked my head out and he started jumping around like a bronco.  hahaha. I love that dog so much.

So, I crammed on some shoes and gaiters and Matt put on some orange and we walked down to the creek with all 4 dogs for the first time. I haven't taken Murphy yet because he's hard to predict, he spent the first few months running away, I wasn't going to give him free reign over 800 acres.  He's not my favorite animal ever, but I don't want him lost for good.

EVERY fire ant hill was covered in deer poop.

The water is low!

View from our resting perch, should have brought a hammock!

I love all the poplar trees down in the hollow

My obligatory "WOW.  Mushrooms in December!" pic.  Because I have one every year.  hahaha

Nia awaits a snack

Murphy is horrified that he was made to sit, he wanted the goodie and human flesh.
He's a snatching little shit, still working on that bad behaviour!

LOOK!  All four dogs in ONE SHOT.

Jessie is always up for a snuggle.
She's 10 this month.  WOW

Planning a backpacking trip to this spot above the cliffs, looks like a good spot for many hammocks!

The pasture is SO overgrown.  We have someone coming to see about bushhogging, we picked a few trees to leave, though.

This is a SOLID wall of blackberry about 50 feet thick.  I told Matt I am getting the mowers out, that's miserable trying to get through!

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