Saturday, December 19, 2015

Warm Days Outdoors

 Monday was the usual running Jake to PoPo Practice.  I spent the time getting photos printed at Walgreens.  They didn't listen to a thing I said and when I went to pick them up, the guy I talked to was gone for the day.  Grrrr.  179 photos of NOT how I wanted them.  And...that was the worst thing all week.  So, pretty good week!

Tuesday we had a really bizarre adventurous day with Katy and kids.  We met at the park to walk on the greenway and play a while.  As soon as we arrived, we watched a crew set up to film a Redstone bank commercial.  Then Katy let loose her hounds in the dog park-which was FLOODED.  We discovered (after not looking very hard) a busted water pipe, so she called the city.  They arrived and fixed it within minutes!

The dogs were soaked and muddy, so off we went to walk.  We got in maybe a mile, hehehe.  The kids wanted to poke around off the trail and found a backpack in the water!  They fished it out and Katy opened a side pocket to discover some business cards with a name and number and she left a voice mail.

The guy showed up to get it a little later!  It had been stolen from his car.

We kept walking until we reached another park, then went back to get some lunch.

Ollie Powered scootering!

I went to Taco Bell to get lunch for us, it took half an hour!! SLOOOOOW service.
I am not eating anything fried at all to see if that helps the tummy.  So far, so good!
I like the cantina bowls.  :)

The kids played while I was gone, then we ate lunch and everyone decided to head to the other park, so Chan and I went to the library super quick between location changes.
She grabbed half the anime section and ran for the self check kiosk while I grabbed 5 various nature study books.  One, Southern Sanctuary, is an entire year's worth of photos and observations from a nature preserve in Huntsville!

Jake called to say he had to work over, so we had time for a quick game of soccer!

On Wednesday, we laid low and Thursday we had lunch with Amanda and the kids went to ballroom dance and attended the Christmas party.  One of the boys there has set his sights on Chan and (hehehe) asked Jake via Facebook for permission to ask her out.  Jake said, "Go for it, best of luck!"
I, with no formal training in prophecy, foresee said boy being turned down.
Poor kid, do the rainbows and Pride gear not register?

After dumping my kids on someone else discovering both kids were set up for the afternoon and making sure Gina didn't mind running them partway home, I actually mowed a trail through the pasture.  That was some major work, I was sweating so hard it was running into my eyes.  ack!  It needs more work, but I got a good start on it.

Between that and walking to the creek the other day, Murphy has decided that the fence is just a suggestion and has been getting out nonstop.  I have gone out and moved fencing, added fencing, threaded wire into X's on any gap wider than 4 inches and what he does is walks along the fence pushing his head into squares.  He walks along one row (it's field fencing, like for horses because we had 2 90 pound dogs when we set it all up) and tests every gap, then moves up a row and tests that, then back along the 3rd row up over and over until he finds a spot he can get through.

I have posted him for rehoming, I am NOT having a repeat of Zephyr in which a dog goes missing and I never ever know why or where.  So, if you know someone looking for a house dog, I have one.

Nia can't be moved off the bed because she will freeze to death.  She's in her 'but it's WINTER' mode.
She and Murph are eating a TON of food!  oh my gosh.

That's it for this week!  No holiday plans, but hoping to get some hiking in between the rain chances.  Matt and Jake will have 5 days off starting Wednesday!

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