Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fasting and Furious

I HATE the hoops our insurance makes us jump through-this annual blood test with heavy results.  6 markers to see if we get fined or just get to pay the usual hiked prices for seriously sub standard coverage.  Right now, in addition to paying well over $200 a month for 'insurance' we also have to pay the first $1500 of all medical care PER PERSON before it kicks in to pay 80%

If one of us does not pass the test tomorrow: blood pressure, weight, non-smoking, HDL, cholesterol and glucose, then we get fined another $900 a year.  For everyone who does not pass 4 of the 6.

I tested really close in glucose a few years ago, since then, I have been fasting 36+ hours instead of 12 because the doc can't say why my blood sugar is so high after fasting.  Not my ACTUAL doctor, but the stranger I called instead because calling a doctor only costs $45 instead of $120.  This was the solution.  Just, don't eat after lunch starting 2 days before the test.  No tips for my really low HDL other than try taking fish oil, which makes me sick.  So I took double dosages of flaxseed oil every day last year and it actually went down another point.  It needs to go up.

Another way to raise the HDL is to walk regularly.  I think mine is just broken.  My bad cholesterol is super low, too, so I suspect some sort of thing is going on.  Sure wish I could afford to find out what!
Matt will pass, no problem.  I will get hung up on HDL and weight, but this year they are taking waist circumference as an alternative and mine is under the 35 inch requirement.  Or was...I have (TMI) pms! and have been fasting 24 hours now and I weigh more than I did yesterday.  I swear. This whole thing SUCKS.

In other news, I only have 720 miles in for the year and my goal was 1000.  We walked 3 miles last night, but with the sun setting earlier and earlier and after Halloween, the time change will have it black night by the time Matt gets in.  Our track isn't lit.  Well, unless you count the BLINDING spotlight on the flag POLE (they missed the flag) that manages to hit our eyes from roughly 3/4 of the track loop.  My point is, it's hard to walk after Matt gets off work during the fall and winter.  So I am not confident I will get 280 more miles in the 65 or so remaining days this year.  I really don't like walking alone and despite my many requests for someone to join me, I don't have many takers.  I'm not afraid to go, I just don't like to be alone with my thoughts.  I don't zone when I walk, I mull.

But, I am still walking with Karen and Melissa tomorrow and I am walking with Andrea and Matt Friday and doing a group hike with Park Sunday.  That will add another 30+ miles to the total, so...I still need to walk over 4 miles a day for the rest of the year.  ha! Probably not going to happen.

Here are a few pics

Early fall color

the halfway, though Andrea and I stopped at the 10 mile point and Matt (who was running) came up to get us.  She had never done more than 6 miles (that was the week before with me!) and her feet were getting blisters.

I love tiny oranges!

And that's it.  I have been reading like mad, planning the sea lab trip (OMG the drama when there's money involved) and enjoying the lower temps.  Still waiting on the guy to come clear the pasture so I can get back at working on the trail this fall and winter.  Looking forward to eating so I won't be this miserable and whiny.

The kids are playing Civilization V around the clock,  Alone, in pairs, all three.  Not sure of the appeal, but it has it in spades. I haven't seen Chan leave her room this often in years.  They have it going in the living room, there's a constant shuffle of chairs and blankets and pillows and there are cups of tea perched on anything flat.  I sweep through with the vacuum and to gather dishes at least twice a day.  Today, they made a pizza to share.  Horrible children.  I shut my door but the windows are open and the kitchen is 90 degrees from my room.  It wafted.

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