Monday, October 31, 2016

Summery October

I passed the biometric screening.  BP was 97/70, LDL cholesterol was at 113. Glucose was still high at 97.  I need to look into that and my still falling HDL levels. They want them at 50 or higher and this year they were at 36, though I have never tested higher than 40.  Waist was 33. so my weight wasn't a factor.  I don't smoke, so-other than low HDL, I was fine.

Karen's kitty died Wednesday morning, so we bailed on walking and met up to be sad.  Then we ate lunch and walked anyway.

Thursday was field trip day and that went fine.  Friday we were supposed to meet Andrea to walk but she had to work, so Matt and I walked at Duck River.  It was so pretty!  And SO damn hot.  We drank our liter each AND sucked down the 12 ounce Zevia ginger beers I brought as a surprise and cut the walk short.  We walked 3.04 miles out and turned around for a total (somehow) of...5.8 miles. 

Sea Lab, art class in December and then...only ONE more field trip left for me to plan.
EVER.  Sea Lab should count as 5 field trips, is all I am saying.

Duck River:

rat snake

Saturday, we walked Richard Martin end to end for the full 11 miles and then went to Sugar Creek, thinking it would be dry like it is here and that we could find a few geodes.
It wasn't dry-it was barely low-and we only found a couple geodes, but the water was like ice and we didn't stay in long.

The kids went to the Zombie Ball Saturday night.  Other people were instrumental in making that happen, I wasn't even around all weekend,  SO thankful for friends and big brothers!

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