Monday, October 31, 2016

October, All Over

On the 30th, we did the cave hike at South Cumberland and took a few of the kids with us.

Matt and I learned quick to wear knee pads.  Mine came in handy!

There's so much climbing up and down in the cave, I forget how physical it is.
Park writes it up as strenuous, but it's still harder than I think it will be.  haha

Since it was close to Halloween, we stopped to tell ghost stories, the first was at the end of this tunnel!

Katie and Nate were looking for salamanders

I was SO dirty, the kids were not even dusty...

There's a 5 mile RT hike to and from the cave.

We stopped at the overlook for snacks and water.

Matt took the kids back to Katy's, Andrea and I went on to the Natural Bridge

Then we headed for Rock Island, since she wanted to see it and it's only another hour or so away

Matt wanted to know if he needed to meet us, I was sending a message to let him know Andrea was driving me home.  The auto suggestions were pretty darn funny.

It was an active weekend!  26 miles of hiking plus lots of milling around.

I am spending this morning playing catch up on my house work and this afternoon, I am headed to pick up the kids from Amanda's-they migrated.  She's doing a little Halloween party and I am excited about the hay ride part.  hahaha!!

I am looking forward to a couple of days at home to cocoon. I need to recharge!

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