Monday, October 3, 2016

VA Trip Pt 2: The Channels

Park's map

The trail climbs 1200 feet in 3.5 miles.  It's mostly steady but there are some steep sections for sure.

There was only a 20% chance of rain when I was packing and that was just for an hour or so. So I didn't bring rain gear.  Park gave the kids a couple ponchos and I used my jacket that isn't really waterproof.  It wasn't bad under the trees, the rain came and went while we climbed.

Figured out how it can be a supergreen chocolate pro bar.
They just put the greens right in there.  It was better than the cookies and cream bar, we all decided.

My plans on this day involved turning this shack into a pizza place.

Following the trail under the fire tower, it heads right down into the tunnels.

It started to rain again.  Then to hail!

Then it cleared right off so we explored a little longer

Up at the top again, the clouds were back and another round of rain was threatening, so we headed down sooner than I would have liked.  This is definitely on the list to come back again!

Park and Katie headed down, the kids and I hung around at the top a bit longer and were rewarded with a final glimpse off into the valley.

Katie left us a note!

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