Monday, February 13, 2017

High Point B'ham

Took a few of Chan's friends to High Point to climb today as part of the birthday event.

It's a little different than the one in Chattanooga.

First, you have to have waivers, even if you have one on file at the other location.  This was annoying, but took less than 5 minutes.

Second, after getting geared up (shoes and a harness) we had to go through the gym with a guide and be shown how to use everything.  Even though we have climbed at the other location on several occasions. That was also annoying, but I would rather everyone have to hear the safety talk.

The other thing that was different is they have a weightlifting room and the bathroom has a sauna!  I never noticed either at Chattanooga.

They do NOT have the outside climbing area in Birmingham.

Overall, it's a great facility and the kids had a blast.  We were there around 3 hours, leaving after the after school and work crowd started coming in around 4:45

The race wall is always a hit with these two

In Chattanooga, the climbing area is in a pit, so it does not seem THIS huge (to me).  They are both 55 feet high.

There is a bouldering room as well as the kid area and the main climbing room

I imagine there will be some SORE kids tomorrow!

Afterward, we went just up the road to Thirstea and had bubble tea and grilled sandwiches.  What a GREAT combo idea!

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