Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Trail Journals, Gear

I have been planning a thru-hike of a shortish trail this spring and to get an idea of what to expect, I have been reading trail journals.  They go something like this:

"Yay!  Finally cleared by my doc to get SSI for my fibromyalgia! Now I can start backpacking more!"

"Hiked all day next to a creek.  Camped next to a waterfall.  The trail crossed a bridge and skirted a lake for 6 miles.  I have never been this sweaty or dirty in my life, I smell so bad!  Can't wait to get home and get a shower!"

"I have never been hiking before!  I bought (insert top shelf REI list here) and am planning to thru-hike the AT next year!  This will be great practice and a chance to try out my gear!...
Day Three: I hate hiking, it has done nothing but rain, I broke my stove and my hiking pole, my right leg is totally numb and I am exhausted after walking 26 miles a day.  Thank God I can return it all and get a shower and forget this idea."

"I have been camping for 49 years, this is the 37th time I have hiked this trail.  I hate it.  I hate horses, dogs, other people and blisters.  I want to be totally alone in the woods, it's all mine.  Don't even bother coming here.  The trail is barely marked and besides, I'll piss on your tent when I pass it because you are lazy if you sleep at any point between 4 a.m. and 9 p.m.  My gear is a piece of Tyvek I stole from a construction site, a hiking stick I carved in the 3rd grade, a pot I found in the trash and a knife I can use to skin a goat."

"It rained the WHOLE WEEK and I am SO BLESSED to be out in the world that GOD CREATED for us to enjoy!  Peace!"

Where are the "I read a lot and based on a several overnight and weekend trips, think I am ready to try a 4-5 night trip.  I have some decent gear and enjoy being outdoors.  I am nervous about storms, but think I can handle the rest of what may come along." type posts?  Cause that's me.  Where are my people?  

I have a couple new pieces of gear I am excited to try as well as the return of another.  Our Enlightened Equipment quilts came in.  I got a 10 degree wide, Matt got a 20 degree wide.  Mine is purple and green, his is black and charcoal.  Wide was the way to go for sure, if I ever order another, I will get extra wide.  They are made in Minnesota!

I got my first pair of Dirty Girl Gaiters, compulsive.  That's the pattern, not the purchase.  I planned to buy them last year, but just managed to get around to it a week ago.  They are also made in the USA by goddesses no less!  I have long gaiters, these are VERY short, but will do the one thing I really need them to-keep teeny pebbles out of my boots!  (and look stylish)

My Marmot tent is coming home.  I sent it off to a man who does repairs and custom gear builds to see if he could fix the very serious rain fly issue.  He says he can!  So...I can barely wait to see how that turns out!  He's also making 2 hammock chairs for me, using my requests and specs.

Waiting is super hard.  Then, right after and there's nothing left to wait for is almost worse.  I can understand women who post about their Amazon Prime addictions.  Even if I can't afford one of my own.

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