Thursday, February 16, 2017

Turkey Creek in Winter

We have not been to Turkey Creek in several years.  Last week a B'ham photographer looking to expand her portfolio put out a call for models with freckles.  Chan isn't interested in modeling and has been turning down recent requests, even from her beloved Aunt Erin.

But, freckles are part of what makes her unique and she has always been really proud of them (thank goodness!)  So, after some thought she decided it could be fun.  I was all for it because I didn't have to do any makeup!

The photographer suggested Turkey Creek, so we met up on Wednesday morning and I handed Chan over and went for a walk!  When they were done, Chan and I both walked a while.  There are new trails and they are nice!  The one we did was surprisingly steep.  Back at the creek, we set up our new hammock chairs for a bit to chill by the water.  We got a little TOO chill and hightailed it for the van after a while.

We arrived to find the gate locked and I said, "Are we supposed to walk the rest of the way?"
GPS says, "ding ding!"


Bought some second hand Merrell shoes because I like my boots so much.  I will have to do a separate post about them because they are a mind game all of their own.
But, they are waterproof.

With no child to photograph, Baby Batman must fill in.

The photo shoot from afar.

We hiked Narrows Ridge, that is steep in places!  It's a really good trail.

I wonder if I will ever find a view Baby Batman likes?

This lady shows up, dogs LINED UP across the dash.  I hope to goodness she lives a mile or less away.
She got out and SIX dogs followed her.  I went over to help gather leashes as they ran willynilly.
They were all little dogs except the one directly in front of her, that's a big, fat puppy.  He was a bowling ball on fat, happy legs, knocking and butt-whacking and careening around having a blast.  I commented on his buttery soft fur and she said, "His name is Prince of Peace.  After Jesus."
I found that to be hilarious.

Not yet.

So my hammock chairs were made to order by Jeff Myers at MyersTech HammockLab.  He's in Oregon.  He's made a couple other things for me like a rain kilt and he's the guy with my disfunctional tent, trying to make it work.
His rates are excellent!

The chairs, with locking buckle and straps, weigh 10.6 ounces.  The chair sans buckles and straps weighs 5 ounces.  I really like the buckles and I like the straps, so for now, I will keep it intact as delivered.  I am going to hammock camp soon and will test the chair as a gear loft for keeping my pack and boots off the ground and out of the weather.
We have hung in on the ceiling hook in our room as a swing and that's fun, too.  It easily holds Matt or me and is really comfortable.  It can hang from a branch or be strapped out like a tiny hammock.  It can go over or under a sleeping hammock as a gear loft and can be used for other things, like spreading it out to load or unload a backpack so nothing gets lost or dirty.

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