Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Stephen's Gap

The last time I was on this trail, I was pregnant with Jake!

About...50 feet from the van, I started having foot pain.
I was sweating so much it was running in my eyes.
I swear, it's like I have not exercised in YEARS every time I go.  I walked 2 miles YESTERDAY and mowed a big swath in the pasture.  I have no idea what is up with me, but I am tired of it!

There's a pit that can be rappeled in to and a walk-in entrance.

Chandler immediately climbed the waterfall and started wedging herself in the crack at the top. 

I opted to look at the big falls instead of her untimely demise, though I swore to take it up with Park next time I see him.  It's his influence.

There goes the other one!

It is HARD to get a shot in here.  I tried.  Maybe you can mentally piece them together to get an idea.
I'd upload the 20 second video I took for Matt, but it would take until 2018 with our current connection.

I love the lake, even if I have no desire to set foot in this one.

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