Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fosters Return!

Famous and Shelley are with us for the week!

Fes and Kuma

I have a fondness for a dog with an underbite!


Jess and Kuma heading over to break it up!
This week, we have Famous Festus and Shelley, 2 mutt mixes from Fairy Dog Mother.  We have played 'what are they' and come up with they are both Australian sheep dog mixes.  Him, possibly with a Papillion ancestor and her with a spaniel of some type.  She has the sweetest face, but is SO shy. 

I have enjoyed these two more than I did Kira and Fes just because they are so animated and playful, Kira was a calm soul and Festus is a red-headed freckled kid with impish sparkle eyes who loves to play and play, Shelley is much more reserved, but totally willing to wrestle and play.

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