Saturday, September 1, 2012

September One

It's the weekend again! 

Not having anything to blog about goes both ways.  We did not do anything really fun or special nor did anything awful happen.  I don't mind a 'down' week now and then!

On Monday and all of Tuesday, those Lackey kids were here.  I have stopped stressing about sleep-overs to the point that I did not even make sure there was toilet paper in the hall bathroom. 

Wednesday, we met friends at the park for about an hour.  Seriously.  3 pm rolls around and everyone freaks and runs for home.  On the way to the park, I scored big time at the thrift store and came home with pants for all 3 of the guys.  And a pair of shorts I actually really like for me!  On the way home, we did a big grocery shopping trip and that night, Matt and I went to pick up the rest of the stuff I needed.

The rest of the week, we worked on school stuff with Jake.  I wish I had a better way to phrase that, we worked on spelling and writing, he listened to a good bit of history and did math at Khan.  We watched a couple science videos and everyone worked on geography.  Jake had some driving practice.

On Friday, Matt got off work early and we went out looking for rainbows because it was pouring and the sun was shining.  I have only heard it thunder with the sun beaming down a handful of times in my life.  It's always surreal.

Last night was the blue moon, we took pictures but mine did not turn out well and I was too tired to go back out.  Well, too lazy really.  We ended up watching Breaking Bad, which I have seen already to the end of the 4th season but Matt refused to watch it.  I got him to watch the first 2 episodes and now we are on season 2.

Today, we planned to go for a long walk, to the point that we got up and packed snacks and drinks and got our daypacks organized.  Then I checked my e-mail and 2 people really wanted to come out today to see the camper, so here I am.  Poppy is all cleaned up and set up, it's raining off and on, so that will be a PITA to get her dry and put away.  I hope she sells.  Then she can be their problem!  One woman asked specifically that I leave it up in a shower so she could see how it holds up.  If she does not show up, I may reverse directory her number and go punch her.

If she does not sell, I am not 100% what I will do.  We use her so rarely now, it's a shame to let her sit out there and fall apart.  I guess I will decide that when the time comes to make a decision and stop trying to borrow trouble.  I don't want to haul her to camp any more, it's stressful to have to constantly accommodate the camper en route.  That is the basis of why I want to sell her.   And, I don't want to have to replace Nettlevan with another vehicle that can haul a camper, gas consumption is about to trump leg room.

Oh, the new hard drive enclosure did allow access to my photos.  I still have not moved them to cds yet.  I will probably work on that next week, Matt only has to work 3 days, so I won't have as much going on, I can get the kids going with school and burn discs a few at a time.

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