Sunday, September 2, 2012

Walking Around and a Matinee

What a great day!  The weather put us off a long walk that we had planned for the weekend, so we opted to hit a 3-hour window of decent weather and get in a 4-mile loop we all enjoy over at the Refuge.

After the walk, we grabbed some lunch and met the Lackey's at the movies to see Spiderman!  Huntsville has a $1.50 theater for movies that have just come off the main screens and we have always had a good experience there.  This time was no different, though just after the movie started, we heard severe weather sirens.  Then in a particular action scene at least 90 minutes in, the stopped the movie for about 20 minutes to give us the heads-up that a tornado was a couple blocks away!  Eep.

After the movie, we went to Earth Fare to get spicy tortellini for the girl and some other goodies and we ran into Marc from the play as he was leaving.  What a treat!

 Fall flowers I simply don't know.

I thought this looked very mid-winter.

We stopped and poked around in a cotton field for a while.

 Cotton blooms

This is a bowl.  The lines are called carpels and that is where the bowl will split once it dries out.

The cotton is in 4 segments called locks.  The dried-out carpel turns brown and is called a burr.

Cotton takes 140 days from plant to harvest and just about anything can mess up production from soil to bugs to rain.

This was really pretty, the sky was nearly black from the storms rolling in and there was one hole of clear where the sun was setting.

On the way home, we saw some amazing lightning. I took a few pictures, but missed all the really big bolts.

Kuma needed a snuggle buddy!

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