Monday, September 17, 2012

Macro Morning

Today has gone really well, I feel like I have gotten some things done. Our weekend was quite nice, Matt and I more or less made up from the weekend before. I survived the hike and we got in another walk at the track Sunday. My tailbone still aches, poor thing!

This morning I got up and got going, walked on the treadmill and worked on a hat while Jake did some schooly stuff on Matt's computer.  I got a cool offer for some weekend plans next weekend and worked out the details on that.  Then we got the laundry all caught up and dinked around cleaning up a little-mainly running the vacuum since we had some brown recluse issues last week, ugh! 

While Jake made lunch, I went out to play with the macro lens, I had been looking outside while I was walking (that sounds so wrong) and saw a ton of morning glories blooming along the fence that were a new color!  So, off I went.

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