Sunday, March 2, 2014


The play is over!  It went REALLY well, it was good all the way through.  So many parents helped out, it ran so smoothly.  I would like to point this out ONE more time and I will likely let it go.  In the program, I am listed as the photographer.  The program was printed BEFORE I got asked.  I am that easy.  *sigh* Okay, I am done.  But really, that's sad that I am so predictable.  "Just put her down, she'll say yes."

My plans for the rest of the year go as thus: Camping, travel, home repair and hiking.  And also, taking pictures.  I am pretty predictable.  I had planned some heavy sitting in the hammock, but it's not quite warm enough.  Yet.

The kids are talking about the summer play, they LOVE Cathy and she will be directing it.  I think they made some new friends this time around and Jake got asked to be in a student film this spring-that sounds like fun. They are adapting a comic book to a script and he's been cast as Joker.  Perfect.  He's no Heath Ledger, but he's pretty damn creepy and he has the teeth for it.  Plus, well, it's at a college.  I want him to be around some older kids, maybe pick up some interests.  He's so young, but I see him at the edge of the nest, his wings pumping and his head turning toward the wind.  I'd like to see him fly toward something, not just fly away.  It's hard, harder than I thought it would be, to be idle and let him have this time.  I want to insert myself into everything he does and make plans and demands, but I know it does not matter at all what I want for him, he is the one walking his path. The choices you make for yourself are the only ones that resonate, the only ones that provide the pull to keep you going.

Now let's look at some photos!  Below is a VERY bad black and white shot of the sunbeams streaming through.  But it's my favorite tree in the shot, so I am keeping it.

Last week we met some friends at the park and I walked around with my camera seeking Signs of Spring

I feel like this one could have been better.  I am going to retake it next time and see if I improve.

Alabama state wildflower
Oak leaf hydrangea


turkey tail lichen

Wild ginger

Some berries

This is a bush I re-learn the name of every year.  And every year I totally forget what it's called again.

Stephen, Ben, Vincent and Luke.  They were all doing what Ben did, it was cracking Ben up.

Our roamies, minus Zachary who was likely into mischief elsewhere...

Yes, THIS is the photo I took of my father and his wife and the kids.  Me, the 'photographer'.  It's a horrible photo!  hahaha

back to the wildflower trail, these guys were in FULL bloom. 

And the trillium is already up!  Spring is just about to burst forth.
We have some classes this week and a couple of events with friends.  Wednesday is a veg day, the kids have invited several friends over to watch movies and eat Jake's signature dish, Jaketatoes.  Today and tomorrow are for catching up on school stuff, Tuesday afternoon is gaming with friends, Thursday is a field trip at noon and then dance, Friday is Matt's off day so who knows?  The kids have been working on Khan most of the day today, getting back in the swing of things, Jake is doing chemistry and literature online twice a week, Chan and Ben have a couple of things they are working on.  I am trying to get them to do literature as well, we have read nearly all the classics together, but I think a 'real' class would be of benefit.

Crash Course has started psychology and literature, they are following along on those.  They finished history and are still watching the chemistry and biology videos to get caught up.  I LOVE Crash Course, it's a great overview and review for things they have been learning, it fills in some gaps and introduces new information and keeps them interested, connects a few dots and events that they might not have figured out on their own. We have a ton of history and science books and kits, videos, games, computer programs and so on, but there is nothing like an overall look at a subject to really bring it together.  I am ever grateful for the sheer amount of information out there. If you want to know something, there's a way to learn it.

And that's it, all the haps at the house.  The ladybugs are out in DROVES today, I am considering a carefully held blowtorch.  I think we will get out of here and have a walk, maybe watch a movie this evening.  Just a nice day with the whole family at home.  I am starting to realize that's not going to be the case forever.

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