Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Ben got his braces off today!  He does not need jaw surgery!  OMG, I nearly cried-I may actually have cried, I can't recall as I was mostly yelling and jumping.  His usual ortho assistant was laughing and teary eyed, too.  The money part alone is a big relief-we were looking at major surgery then back in braces AGAIN until he was 20-which was somewhere in the ballpark of another $10k out of pocket.

But he won't have to go through all of that-including what is to me the super scary part-being put under.  I felt 20 pounds lighter, I had no idea how much tension I was walking around with, as soon as I calmed down I immediately nearly fell asleep. While driving!

Luckily we went right on up to Katy's to hang out a while and Jake and Inde had a playdate.  Ben bailed on us for them, so after Kurt and Katy and I talked about Disney World for a solid hour (along with geeking out and checking wait times in the park right THEN with our free apps) Jake and I headed back home via the Asian market where I scored some tofu.


We go back in 2 weeks for his retainer and they are also making a new retainer for Jake.  For FREE. I nearly fell out, it was an excellent new dentistry day around here.

I can't believe we are nearly done.  They will be paid off in September and when he goes in for his retainer they will decide if he needs his wisdom teeth pulled.  I am hoping our luck will hold and he won't, but I have at least found a new oral surgeon who won't charge $1100 beyond what our insurance pays.  That's CRAZY, I nearly had a heart attack when I got the total for Jake's extraction.  But Chan did not need hers pulled, I am hoping, hoping!  We used the money I'd saved toward her extraction to replace the bathroom floor and buy some house paint, hindsight-I should have left it in place for Ben.

Now we can start moving forward with other plans!  Not knowing if we were going to get saddled with a huge dental loan payment for another few years squelched my interest in going into debt for other things like the roof or getting a new central unit-Matt needs a newer car, the van has a major repair I will have to get done sooner rather than later.  We are going to Disney later this year, but I have saved for that, $77 a month for nearly 4 years.  That was carved out of other expenses-getting a better insurance rate, cutting out a few goodies from the grocery budget, staying home more and even things like growing enough veggies to eat at least one meal a week for 'free' out of the garden for the past several months and many months to come. That trip is paid for in full already.

Jake is graduating in a couple months, he has a potential job in place for after Disney and will live with us a couple more years while he flexes his wings and makes some decisions and hopefully takes a few classes.  He wants to move out by 21 and that is more than I can bear to think about-him or any of my babies leaving the nest.  Even if I do occasionally look at the grocery bill and imagine it cut by 3/5 and fantasize about the new carpet and furniture I could get.  Not to mention throw pillows!  I finally have real curtains in every room now.  hahahaha!  It's always been so much more important to go somewhere together than to buy matching fru-fru bits to collect dust.   And it will be for a while yet.  :)  Just, please, any Powers That Be-no grandchildren for a while.  ;)  A LONG while.

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