Thursday, March 10, 2016


We are out running around on the trail several times a week, sometimes literally running!  So I don't usually count it as a 'hike', but Sunday we put in several hours of trail work and I was very pleased with how much further the whole trail goes now. So, I am counting it.

This poor garter snake tried to lay in the trail and sun, even after Murphy Jones clomped right on it twice.  The third time he came by with soaking wet feet and dopey grin and stepped RIGHT ON the snake, the snake made its way eastward and we kept going.

The first drop on the north loop.  Well, it will actually be the climb up.  I thought it was so awesome and I was running up to the top and nearly keeling over-so steep, such a climb!  It's...40 vertical feet.  4 flights of steps,  Nearly nothing. hahahaha!  Oh well, that hill goes a  LOT further down...bwahahaha
I did this whole bit myself, that north loop is my personal project.

Chandler dramatizes the work load.

My latest reroute goes by this sinkhole with a little creek popping out of the walls.  Chan immediately jumped in and started arranging rocks

Matt found this spider!  I was down below the cliffs hauling up rocks.

The trail by the creek continues to change!  We've spent HOURS on this one stretch, all day Saturday in fact.  It's looking so great!

And that's it so far-ALMOST a mile one way.  I planned to work more on the north loop and my legs said nuh-uh Wednesday.  Now it's Thursday and dance is this afternoon, so Friday it shall be!  LOOP, YOU WILL BE DONE!  ish.

We kicked around trail names, trail symbols and talked about putting up little signs at the campsites and trail junctions.  We settled on nothing other than Chandler wants solar lights between the 2 campsites, so I have that on my list!

I have also decided to commit to actually dropping some more weight.  I am at a good starting point to lose more-already more active.  I just need to stop rewarding myself with copious amounts of Snickers and carbs.  *sigh*  So today's grocery run will be green-heavy and carb-lighter.  More sighing.    But, I am tired of being this heavy, so not many options there.  hahaha