Monday, March 21, 2016

Catwalk 2016

Rho is in the traveling dress, it's in every show this year.  Next, it's going to Paris!

It's also made from towels.

Playing around before the show

This years theme was the Amazon, the teams picked 4 themes-fur, feathers, fins and plants.

And playing around after the show

Undoing the contraption

Next are shots from my other camera, which Blogger does not want me to put in order with the other file names, so I am just putting them here.

Chan and I went down Saturday to let them tackle that hair.

Sunday, after dropping the girls at Aveda, we headed out to hike, but it was COLD.  The wind was the worst of it.

Buck Creek Park over in Helena

Geocaching at Montevallo

The stairs to nowhere

Ebeneezer Swamp

Hop clover




A few snaps before hair and makeup were done:

*clink* 4 years of Catwalk, in the books!

Waffle House After Party, wheeee!
Chan says 4 years, Phen says, peace!

Amanda's mom says; PHOTOBOMB

Good times, yo!