Saturday, March 19, 2016

Last Week of Winter

Kuma standing in water.  This is huge, he hates being wet!
This is also from my bench rock seat at the 2 little pools on the creek that we have cleaned up to make a wading spot.  Cleared the privet and moved out the pointy rocks.

The ferns are growing again.  I moved several clumps from the trailbed, I am pleased to see they are surviving just fine.  I spent one day this week digging up trillium with a trowel, moved over 50 plants.  2 days later, that many more again to be moved!
I moved poplar and dogwood babies out of the path, pulled up about 900 privet (not an exaggeration, I will go off the trail and yank that stuff up) and clipped sawbrier left and right.  I tied back vines and moved rocks, raked and raked and raked.

In between, I sat in my hammock.  It's not all work around here.  I can't go getting buff.

Some green popping up

Thursday, Gina came up and hung out for a few hours.  I made wild rice soup and Irish soda bread.
We walked the trail and hung out at the campsite, it was nice getting to share it with someone else!

That night, Emma and Alex came to stay over and Friday, Matt and I were working on the trail at the cliff and there went the kids, all hiking past.  That was SO COOL.  Exactly what I envisioned.  hahaha

We got the extra youngins dropped back off and came back home and spent the whole afternoon on the trail.  Cleared down to the big creek, but not from the cliff as I had thought the trail would go.  There's just nowhere that's not too steep going down from there.  I started at the top of that log road and cleared down to the feeder stream, the walked (puffed) back up and started raking toward the cliff, but the trail wanted to go another way.

Still, it's done for now.  Planning to open the trail from the pasture down to the creek and then cross-country walk between the 2 access points. It floods so much and the creek changes so much, a trail along it would be a PITA.

Headed back from the north loop to watch the sunset.
We walked out the longer loop, I will get busy on that after I get the creek trails done.  The east side will have to wait, there's a problem with that neighbor. 

Murphy was a knotted mess.  So I shaved him.

Hanging out at the cliff

We've really enjoyed having the trail to work on, I was in the van the other day and saw I was 3 weeks past my next oil change, but still 500 miles shy of the 3k they recommend.  I always go 5,000 miles between changes and I have never gone nearly 4 months without an oil change, ever.  Not running back and forth to trailheads and not grabbing fast food twice a weekend and 2-3 times a week has helped the budget and the scales.  6 pounds in the past 2 weeks!

Next week, I have 3 full hiking days with friends lined up, it's good to get out some, too!  I just hope I don't get trail envy.  hahaha